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Car News and Reviews

Going On A Car Safari? Mistakes You Must Avoid

Going on a safari? You need to do due preparation so that you can enjoy fully and get the most out of your money. A car safari to faraway place say like Africa will be very rewarding and it will be a good way to bond as a family. Do not make the same mistakes that other people make. Someone once said that it is only a fool who learns from his own mistakes. Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. That is why we will look at the mistakes that other people make so that you can avoid such.


Most Famous Badge Engineered Cars

The Americans probably invented badge engineering, as a means of building a huge catalogue of cars for not much money. It’s simply a simple idea where a manufacturer with a portfolio of several distinct brands develops a single body shell, that each brand can add their own styling and trim details, engines and running gear too. So you get a Chevrolet, Buick and Pontiac that appear completely different, but are in fact largely the same.
Down the years there have been plenty of brilliant badge engineered cars like the Holden/Vauxhall Monaro. But there are more than were absolutely terrible, even downright weird. The badge cars include;


A Few Things That Can Increase the Value of Your Used Car

Depreciation is a reality, but there are things that you can do to increase the value of your old car. Unless you plan to keep the vehicle until it is ready to be hauled off to the recycling graveyard, you need to know what to do to get top dollar when you decide to sell it. A clean, well maintained car is worth more to a customer than a tired, worn out one. Before buying a new car, you will want to dispose of the old one. This may be done by selling it to other customers willing to buy secondhand cars. You can increase its value by keeping maintenance up to date and sprucing it up with a few clever tricks just before selling it. Here are tips that will give you a competitive edge and help earn the most cash from the sale.


What Exactly Is A Concept Car?

You have seen them in the international motor shows. They are sleek, every man’s and woman’s dream. They look like something out of this world. Some are unbelievable, out-of-this-world cars, yet some look very close to the real deal. Do you know that many years ago, 1958 to be precise, Ford paraded a nuclear car called Nucleon? And there  have been many more wonderful concepts. Yet we await their mass production and it never happens. Why? Because they are just that – concept cars! But if a car maker will go to all that trouble to make a concept cars that wow the daylights out of the world, only to not see mass production, why do they do it? What purpose do the concept cars serve?


How To Decide What Car You Want To Buy

The first thing you need to know about buying a car is that there is no perfect vehicle, there is no one-size-fit-all. There are always different situations, budgets and regions that will demand a different car and not unless you have all the money to buy each type of car that fits all these aspects, you will have to get one that satisfies almost all of your needs. We will look at some of the elements that you need to consider when you are buying a car.


Emergency Auto Repairs That Every Car Owner Should Know

Technology as brought a number of changes which are beneficial but relying on them entirely can be quite disadvantage. Given the convenience of the cellphone and how fast a mechanic can get to where your car has broken down, a lot of people can not handle the simplest of tasks, not even changing a flat tire. The ability to handle some emergency auto repairs will not only save you money, it will also ensure that you are on your way and reach your destination on time as opposed to waiting for the mechanic. The following are some of the emergency auto repairs all car owners should know.


Are You Extra Tall? Here Are the Best Cars You Can Buy

Are you an American Height person, you know, really tall such that your knees always have a problem fitting in the car? Don’t worry! There are a select few cars that were made with very tall people in mind.


Diesel Cars vs. Petrol Cars

In choosing the best between diesel-driven and petrol-driven cars, several factors need to be factored. They include; fuel economy, mileage, maintenance costs, as well as the initial costs of both vehicles. Taking the factors into account, the  factors discussed below shape the duel between the diesel powered cars and the petrol powered ones.


Most Reliable Brand? Nissan, Honda, Toyota or Subaru

When people go shopping for cars, they always look for the brand that is best for reliability, one that will serve for a long time. This poses a challenge to the buyers as each dealer will shower praises on their model, leaving the buyers in confusion – they do not know which brand to buy. Many have fallen to the trap of car dealers and have ended up buying cars which are not as reliable as they expected. It is a discussion that has not provided clear answers on which brand is best in terms of reliability. However, over the years, Toyota has stood out as one of the best brands for reliability compared to Nissan, Honda or Subaru.


Hybrid Cars: Pros and Cons of Owning One in Africa

Technology has changed many things, making many people’s dreams come true. The auto industry has not been left behind and has seen the invention of the hybrid cars. These are cars which have a distinction from the normal cars that use only one power source. Hybrid cars use two or more distinct power sources. This invention has greatly influenced many people in Africa to work hard towards owning one such car. These cars combine the use of internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors. An example of a hybrid car is the Toyota Prius. Owning hybrid cars in Africa carries some pros and cons in equal measure.


5 Of The Most Expensive Luxury Sedans In The World

We buy vehicles for fast movement from point A to B. This is the basic reason why most people will want to own a car, but the amount of money someone has in their account differentiates between the types of car someone buys. If you have stacked enough notes and coins under your mattress or in a bank account, you can join the big league of individuals who buy vehicles as luxury toys without feeling a pinch. Here is a list of 5 of the most expensive luxury sedans in the word.


Why Do Men Love Cars?

It is irrefutable that men love cars so much. Actually, in some instances, they can take better care of their cars than their women. This love extends to airplanes, motorcycles, and trucks. This topic often poses a challenge because we don’t take the time to delve into it. So now, let us plunge in and explore the reasons behind men’s love for cars.


Japanese and Other Used Cars To Look Out For In 2015

Used cars from Japan have always been on the top of the list of the most driven cars. This is because in addition to having some of the most popular economy vehicles, Japan is home to multiple vehicle manufacturers. As a result, many used cars find themselves in the African market and the good thing is that most of these Japanese secondhand vehicles are in great shape and will almost pass as new vehicles. The only difference they have is that they are more affordable and will not depreciate as fast as their new counterparts. Here are some of the used Japanese vehicles to watch for 2015.


African Presidents and Their Cars

Presidents are the symbols of national unity in their respective countries. The president is, therefore, a very important personality of any country. For this, presidents’ motorcades include motorbikes and armored vehicles for security purposes. Have you ever wondered what the cars in the presidential escort mean? Do you know what the motorcade is composed of? This article explores various African presidents and their different types of cars


Used Cars in Nigeria – A Status Symbol For Most People

Nigeria… the biggest economy in Africa, having recently surpassed South Africa. It is the land of plenty, yet the land of scarcity to tens of millions of people living in poverty. However, in every country, there are the poor and the rich, but we do hope that the gap between the two will narrow up soon.


Tiptronic Transmission and How it Works

A few years ago, purchasing a vehicle involved deciding either to buy a manual or an automatic transmission car. Today, much more than that is involved when buying a car. “What is tiptronic transmission?” “How does it work?”  Generally, you want to purchase a vehicle but you are wondering what it means. This article gives you a definition and exactly how tiptronic transmission works.


Nissan Patrol Vs Toyota Land Cruiser

When we are talking off-road, there is no doubt that the aggressive looking Nissan Patrol is the joy and pride of Nissan while the Land Cruiser does it for Toyota. However, there are many distinguishable differences between these two. For example, where Toyota Land Cruiser is sleek and easy to pass off as an urban giant car, the Patrol is aggressive-looking, rugged and somehow bigger, and looks like the kind of car that Top Gear would use for a journey across the Sahara.


Going Cashless In The Kenyan Public Transport Service

Cash will be obsolete in the public transport in Kenyan in the near future. The Kenyan public transports industry, better known locally as the Matatu industry is a complex one to understand. This is because though there are rules set to govern this industry, bending and breaking the law has been a norm. With the cashless payment system revolution in its infancy, the industry has been facing quite a number of challenges. The problems are basically caused by the existing system before the cashless payment and the players in the industry.


What Does A Car Brand Ambassador Do?

Most people are used to the word ambassador when it is used in a diplomatic setting between two countries. Well, Ambassador for brands is not any different; it stands for an individual who represents a product, in our case; a vehicle brand. The job description of a brand ambassador is similar to that of a specialized marketing representative for a certain brand. However, most of the brand ambassadors that we know today are celebrities chosen by vehicle manufacturers because of their influence on certain groups of consumers. In this case, the brand ambassador is not for the interaction with the public in person. They are the symbol of the brand and this works positively towards the increase in sales and brand recognition.


Longest Collected Muscle Cars in American History?

What fits as a muscle car? There is no consensus on the definition, but most experts agree that it’s a smaller, two-door car powered by a high displacement engine typically found in a larger, full-size sedan. Some enthusiasts trace the history of muscle cars to the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. But the peak of establishment of this class ran from 1965 to the early 70s before collapsing for varied reasons. These included higher gas prices, sterner regulations on exhaust emissions, and the soaring insurance costs. Some argue that cars, such as Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, do not fit in this category, but for this list, we have the muscle cars in American history.

Fun on the Road – Don’t Do Road Rage!

If you take a road trip, you will be surprised to see the amount of road rage spewed left, right and center. It is funny that two strangers can so much get onto each others nerves over a little incidence on the road, a road that they will both leave there. It is actually awkward.


The 5 Most Important Elements To Look For In A Used Car

Regardless of whether you are buying a brand new car or a used car, the process of acquiring your own ride is very exciting. With the number of used vehicles BEFORWARD is importing to Africa, you can conclude that used cars are becoming popular by the day. Used cars, unlike their new counterparts do not lose value fast and are not expensive. Though used vehicles are common, you should be aware of a number of elements which you need to pay attention before you exchange your hard-earned cash with a used vehicle. Here are things you should be paying attention to:


Are These The Best Used Japanese Cars Of All The Time?

Japanese cars have long been regarded as some of the most dependable and reliable cars on the road. Furthermore, Japanese used cars generally enjoy a higher resale value than their American or European counterparts. However, when considering buying a used car, there may be other potential factors to consider. Fortunately, AfroAutos has published this list of their best used Japanese cars of all the time. All of these models are on sale at Be Forward.

The Best Cars For New Drivers

Probably you’ve fretted over it or joked about it, but now the moment is at hand; your junior is learning how to drive, to roll to full speed on the tarmac road.

I bet, if you are a caring parent, many questions will linger in your mind. Will she obey your instructions? Will he exercise road safety measures? Or will they tune you out and drive around the city with a carload of pals? One concern is apparent: There’s no question that how you drive is more important to safety than what you drive. Choosing a car with features such as electronic stability control, mandatory air-bags, and stellar crash performance can boost a new driver’s odds of survival in case of an accident.


Importing a vehicle into Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge Border Post

Importing a vehicle through the Beitbridge Border Post or any other border post for that matter can be a very intimidating experience for most people. A majority of people either drop the whole importing idea altogether or they acquire the services of a clearing agent.  The process of importing a vehicle into the country can be quite daunting, however, you should not be discouraged to tackle it by yourself.


Questions You Should Ask A Used Car Dealer Before Buying

Can I help you? To which you will reply… I am just looking. And the insolent salesman will go on… what can I help you look at? After this question, you will not be so cocksure of yourself anymore. There… he has already swayed you, pretty nicely too, no? And then if you brought your wife along, he is going to compliment her on her dress, yes even though it looks awful. If she blushes, brother, you have been had; you will buy that car ok! You will see. Don’t believe me? Watch the 2001 film Suckers, and only then come tell me who is a sucker… you or the salesman…


These Things Will Give Your Used Car A New Lease On Life

More people are buying vehicles everyday and you can tell by the number of affordable vehicles sold by BEFORWARD. Used vehicles have become the best option for many because they are not as expensive as new vehicles and their value is not lost at a greater rate like their new versions. While they might be a little outdated when it comes to technology, you will need to add a few accessories to make your ride more fun. Below are different used car accessories  that will give your car a new lease on life and make your drives enjoyable.


Curse of Advanced Technology – Hackers Can Wreck Your Driving Experience

Scene: At an intersection, four busy roads, all the lights go amber, then green at the same time. From the four directions, vehicles start to move. It is the green light, see? And then the havoc is unimaginable. Trucks ram into buses, people die, there is chaos everywhere. This malfunction of the lights was caused remotely… by malicious hackers. (From the movie Live Free or Die Hard – Bruce Willis).


The Problems That Come With Driving On Mismatched Tyres

Before buying a second-hand car, it is always important to check the car tyres to identify if they are worn out, and properly mounted. In this case, the imperative question is: what about mismatched car tyres? Is that a setback? Whenever possible, it is always advisable to use identical tyres with the same size and tread pattern. This is helpful in maintaining the optimum stability and control of your vehicle. Generally, you should avoid using mismatched set of car tyres unless the vehicle manufacturer specifies that it is acceptable. In rare cases, some cars have what is referred to as staggered fitment where tyres of different sizes are mounted on the front and rear axles.


The Future of Auto Safety Technology

Technology…. It becomes obsolete fast. What was fashionable last year could very well be rendered obsolete this year. What is trending today could very well go out of fashion tomorrow. But not auto safety technology for vehicles! This is futuristic technology, one that will be with us for a long time. Why? Because it is just starting. Today, auto safety technology, which was a preserve of a few high class vehicles, is fast becoming a norm for all vehicles.


When to Change Your Tyres

Have you ever wondered when to replace your worn out car tyres? Just like your feet get sore after a walking a long journey, the car tyres take a beat every time you drive. Well, this isn’t a sign of bad driving. Rather, it is an inevitable fact of life. tyre failure while driving can be catastrophic and may result to loss of control. That is to say that the performance of the car tyres is critical to its efficiency and the safety of the occupants. Here are a few tips that should guide you if it is the right time to shop for a new set of tyres.


Troubleshooting of Vehicle’s Wipers, Washers and Pumps

We give little attention to our vehicle’s wipers, washers and pumps until when we actually need to use them, only to realize that they are faulty and thus they do not work properly. Personally, I have had bad experience when I drove through heavy rains with non-functional car wiper blades.

Let’s take a look at some of the common wiper, washers and pumps problems and some of the ways to troubleshoot them.


The Most Charitable Celebrities In Africa

Africa has provided some of the greatest individuals in the world starting from Barrack Obama (Uh huh… his father was from Kenya), super models on global runways, skilled footballers, talented musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, renowned athletes on the track and long distance runners among many others. All these people have some things in common, they are popular, they are good at what they do and most importantly, they have a lot of money and influence from their careers. The only thing that sets them apart is the size of their hearts and how they have dedicated part of their wealth by giving back to the society to the society in terms of education, charities and other supportive causes.


5 Features Every Car Must Have 2014 Going Forward

We thought of them as random features that you could find or not find in your car…. But 2014 and going forward, these features have become a necessity in every car. Parking assist, smartphone integration system, lane departure warning systems and others are very helpful features, but should every car from BEFORWARD have them? This is what we shall try to explore here.


Why You Should Turn Off Your Idling Car Engine

Idling means that a vehicle’s engine is running but the vehicle itself is not in motion. This is one of the oldest habits in motor vehicles and it is quite detrimental to the environment. Drivers might be forced to idle their vehicles in traffic but in most cases, idling is not necessary and has its own evils. Though it is a habit that most people have got used to, they can break it easily especially if they understand how harmful it can be to the vehicle and to the environment.


How to Inspect a Used Car before Buying

You will have a lot of assurance when buying a brand new car, but it is a different thing altogether when you are purchasing a used car from BEFORWARD and elsewhere. Some used car buyers have made costly mistakes when selecting used cars. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a high quality used car, and they are so affordable anyway! You only require to do some research to know a few inspection skills to ensure you get good value for your money. Remember; the car has already been on the road. If you want it to serve you for a long time, you must choose right.


Car Repairs You Should Never Try To Do On Your Own

It is funny how sometimes we believe that we can do just about anything especially in this era where you don’t need to know everything, you just need the Google. Well as efficient as cars are, sophistication levels are on the rise and this means that even though you could make some repairs on the old school vehicles, the new machines are a bit complex. There is a thin line between expert mechanic repairs and a weekend disaster. It is important to know there are some car repairs you should leave for the professional mechanics.


Africa’s Biggest Economies

Africa is growing and growing fast too and everyone knows that. Not only in population, which by the way has already hit 1 Million and beyond… and counting. Do you know what this means? It means a market with a billion buyers… now, if only a genius CEO could come up with a product that everyone in Africa needs…


How To Maintain Your New Car

Take care of your car, it will take care of you…. today, a car is a necessity rather than a social status symbol. There is a popular saying that goes ‘If you want to know how a man treats his wife, look at his car’. Well, this might be true in some cases but the main thing here is that a car is useful and should be well maintained to last longer. New cars also need a lot of care if they are to keep their shiny look and functionality. Here are a few tips to assist you in taking care of your new car.


Safari Holiday with a Drive Through Kruger National Park

The Kruger national park is among the biggest game reserves across in Africa, covering up to 19,633 square kilometers in the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo in the Northern Eastern of South Africa. The park was originally established by President Paul Kruger as a protected area for wild animals. The park has now opened gates for visitors and the general public. Basically, the reserve extends 360 kilometers from North to South and 65 kilometers from East to West. The headquarters are located in Skukuza where they were originally protected by the South African government in 1898 and it therefore became the first national park in South Africa in 1926.


A Few of European Origin Great Cars

They are synonymous with sleek, they are the epitome of cool, a car that turns heads on the road. They are not only good lookers, but most of them are just as good under the hood. They are available as second hand cars on BEFORWARD or can be imported new. However, most people do not know the origins of the cars that we see on the roads today. While everyone knows that Toyota is Japanese, how many people know that Chery Tiggo is Chinese, or that Hyundai (pronounced H-U-N-D-A-Y, like Sunday) is from South Korea….? You get the drift now. Let us look at a few brands.


Top Hollywood Stars And Their Rides

There is no doubt that Hollywood stars live an entirely different life from other people. First, they have to deal with the ever stubborn paparazzi and then they have to do everything like they are doing it for TV. Well, at least they still need a car to drive around, but what they drive shows more of their personality than their pocket since we all know they can afford just about anything.  Here are a few top Hollywood stars and their cars.


10 Best Interior Car Hacks

Cars are made with different specifications according to the needs of the buyers. However, the interior designs will never present you with all the facilities and/ or space you need for comfortable driving experience. Consequently, these interior car hacks will be invaluable in improving the quality of your driving time.


Why the Smartphone is the Future of Vehicle Infotainment

In-car infotainment systems have been evolving fast with what was in fashion yesterday going obsolete tomorrow. People are looking for ways on how they can interact with their cars through their smartphones. But then comes the issue of… if I lose my smartphone, wont I lose access to my car or worse still, if it lands in some untoward person’s hands, would that mean losing your car?


Top Motor Shows in Africa

Motor shows exhibition, held once or twice in a year, are very popular across the continent. The exposition offers up-to-date automobile models, debuts, concept cars, or out- of- production classics. This article features the latest news about motors shows across Africa.


Cars Made in Africa by Africans, Which One Will You Pick?

The Kantanka is a car that was conceived, designed and made in Ghana. This brand of cars is probably the most promising of all the cars made in Africa right now. The Kantanka Automobile Company has announced that its cars will hit the streets in January subject to the Ghana Standards Authority giving the green light.

The brains behind the car Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, the founder and  owner of the Kantanka Group of Companies. Dr Kwakwo  described as being naturally gifted,  a genius,  an inventor and a philanthropist.He has no formal or sophisticated technical background. He imagines, dreams and creates at will. He lives in his own world.


Great Tips to Win a Parking Battle

During this Christmas festive season, travelers are making local and international flights, there is one quest, especially in busy shopping malls, airports and train stations; finding that very perfect parking spot. Technology has played a significant role; even novice drivers can easily park their vehicles with the help of mobile apps. The world’s largest parking organization, International Parking Institute (IPI) offers a number on tips on how to win a parking spot.


Skid Control; Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain is dangerous even for experienced drivers. The grip is poor and vehicles slip when the surface is wet or slippery. This article expounds on some of the great tips that can help control skidding.


Drivers – How To Avoid Fake Crash For Cash Claims

There are quite a number of dishonest drivers on the road who will maneuver you into an auto crash that is aimed at benefiting them financially. The reasons why they are referred to as crooks is that though their cars will only get minor damages, they will make large injury claims which are referred to as ‘crash for cash claims’. These claims are illegal and will be made against their insurance company but in most cases it will be against the other person’s insurance company.


Handy Tips for Driving In the Fog

Fog chooses the most ridiculous times to appear… in the morning when you are in a rush to get to work and in the evening when you are dead beat and you just want to go home and unwind. Not every area experiences fog, but again, with the global warming phenomena et al… who knows? If you live in low lying areas, near rivers and lakes, you could experience fog more often than, say, a person who lives in low humidity areas.


Things People do to Save Fuel

Fuel prices soar to the skies at little or no provocation. In the recent past and people are beginning to think of some peculiar habits to squeeze as much mileages out of every single gallon of fuel. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can adopt to save on fuel. Discussed below are crazy habits adopted by many people to help save in fuel consumption.


Ten Traffic Offenses You Could Be Committing Without Knowing

When most of us get our driving licenses, we want nothing more to do with traffic rules. Most people are excited and just want to jump into their vehicles and drive off to the sunset. Well, the problem is that there are multiple traffic rules, most of which are general but with some that are specific to some areas. The general rules are not broken often; the problem comes in with the minor rules which you could be breaking without knowing. Here are traffic offenses you could be committing without knowing


Is Your Car Shaking? Common Causes

Unless you are making stunts in your car while driving, you don’t want to find yourself in a shaking car. If you experience a shaky drive, it is a signal that your car is having mechanical problems and that it needs immediate attention. Noticing is one thing and understanding the cause of a shaking car is another. Most importantly, if you understand what is causing your car to shake, you can address the issue before it worsens more causing more trouble. Let’s learn and appreciate what these causes are.


5 Ways to Stop Car Thieves Cold

In Africa and elsewhere, car theft happens so often that it is barely reported in the news. From parking lot break-ins to highway hijackings, there is something for every motorist to worry about. A single day cannot pass without a car theft incident, taking a part in the top stories of the day. Car thieves do not target any particular model. On the contrary, they will steal any car which is available as long as it meets their intended purpose.


What is the Most Fuel Efficient Car in the World?

Microjoule, the world’s most fuel saving efficient car was developed by students at La Joliverie College, in Nantes western France. Tests have shown that the car is capable of covering a distance of 25,000 km per liter. The project by the French students was voted the best in 2014′s Shell European Eco-Marathon, needless to say beating 200 other projects competing in the event. The wheels of the superlight vehicle can spin for several minutes without stopping. Microjoule is made up of carbon fibre thus making it very light, with an approximate weight of 35Kg. The car is believed to be the most economical machine ever to have been developed in auto history. A self-test was done between London and Paris; it emerged that the fuel consumed was just worth 20 cents.


Importing Used Cars To Africa

The secondhand vehicle market in Africa has been a successful avenue for traders to make money and for consumers to get vehicles at reduced prices. There are many economical reasons why most people would prefer buying a used vehicle over brand new ones; one of them being that new vehicles depreciate at a faster rate than their used counterparts. That aside, it is important to know where most of the used vehicles come from. The main sources are in Asia, Europe, America and Africa itself.


Buying an Eco-Friendly Car? Important Tips for You

The world is quickly going green and so is the transport sector. Every year, more and more eco-friendly cars are entering our roads, promising a greener future with less environmental pollution. Eco-friendly cars offer another advantage in that they save on fuel thus lowering the cost in this regard. Some of the eco-friendly cars run purely on electricity while others are a hybrid using electricity and petrol. The following are important tips to help you decide which eco-friendly car to pick from the market.


Ten Fastest Street Legal Production Cars

Vehicles are manufactured to make traveling easy but some are just created to meet the need for speed. Something that doesn’t change a lot is the list of the fastest vehicles are legal on the street despite the neck breaking speeds. Here is a brief list of the top ten fastest street legal automobiles.


Most Ridiculous Excuses for Speeding That Traffic Cops Hear

“Why me? Everyone on this road is speeding, and well over the limit too!” Cried one motorist indignantly after he was pulled over for speeding.

“Have you ever gone fishing” Asked the traffic officer

“Yes, but what does that have to do with this”

“Well”, answered the traffic officer “When fishing, did you catch all the fish?”

Traffic officers can be smart alecks, but motorists can pull off really hilarious excuses.


Would You Buy the Toyota Camry?

Since 1982, this Japanese car has been sold globally. It has been a noticeable success especially in the US where it has been ranked at number one for the best selling compact passenger cars.  While it came in to the market as a front wheel drive replacement for the Corona which had somehow disappointed, it later on became the best car in the US market after a few modifications. Later on, they introduced the all wheel drive which has driven the buyers crazy and has never disappointed. It seems Camry just gets better with time, with the 2015 edition set to make heads turn everywhere.


Simple Buying Guide For A Wagon

The first wagon was a heavy 4-wheeled vehicle which is pulled by animals, mostly mules, horses or oxen and used in transporting goods and people. Today, wagons are four-wheeled motor vehicles used in transporting goods and people but driven by a fuel engine. Wagons have become a favorite for many due to their usefulness especially in a family setting as well as in transportation of goods. If you are planning to buy a wagon, then you should pay attention to the following simple buying guide.


Is Cheap Fuel Bad for Your Car?

Every driver deserves to cruise the roads without experiencing regular breakdowns. However, this is not usually the case. Well, if breakdowns happen, you want to trace the problem and see whether it originates from the fuel you are using in your car. Sometimes, it is best to pay the extra cost of the premium fuel. Perhaps you can understand it better if you experience breakdowns associated with the effects of fueling your car with cheap gasoline. In the section that follows, you will learn and appreciate how bad cheap petrol can be to your car.


Avoid Road Rage – Keep Your Cool on the Road

This is meant for the members of the road rage club-I bet virtually everyone belongs here. I am referring to you who have found yourself in active and or passive altercations with fellow motorists over petty matters such as the driver ahead of you taking a few more seconds to respond to the traffic lights, etc. It is very easy to assume that this does not apply to you, but you will be surprised to learn that you have uncivilly confronted another motorist, perhaps subconsciously or consciously! If you were secretly tape-recorded, you would be surprised. Here is how you can manage and/ reduce road rage effectively.


Difference between Sports Cars and Normal Cars

The sleek high performance cars, the “head-turners”, that are attractive to virtually all people regardless of their gender are definitely very different from the ordinary cars. These are built with a different objective in mind from what the makers of the normal cars envisage. For that reason, these two types of cars are acutely different. Let us see some of their differences.


Subaru WRX vs. Lancer Evo: Battle Royale

Rally cars are always competing not just on the road but on other important metrics such as performance, engine and fuel consumption. Two perfect examples of long term rivalries are the WRX Subaru and Mitsubishi’s very own Lancer Evolution/Evo as it is commonly referred. The two cars are famous for their great performance in challenging rallies around the world and we will look at some of the differences that draw the line between the Evo and the WRX.


10 Embarrassing driving mistakes that most people make

‘Human is to error’ is a common saying exemplified in everyday activities. And driving is no exception. However, while some driving mistakes are tolerable or have less serious ramifications, you do not want to find yourself in embarrassing situations while on the road. Such situation can ruin the rest of your day. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs.


5 Most Challenging Roads In The World And The Best Cars To Handle Them

If you happen to drive on the most perilous roads of the world, you would certainly need a good car to negotiate the corners and the sharp bends. And the world does have its more than fair share of challenging roads, you know, the kind of roads that send chills down your spine, the kind of roads, which, if you miss the edge by a hairline, would send you plunging down to a certain death. Before we see these roads, let’s find out just what happens when a car negotiates a corner.


Most Dangerous Car Races That Ever Happened

Many sports and games can be classified as dangerous but car races have continuously made it to the limelight as the most dangerous, especially the less mainstream kind of races. In these races, drivers do reach speeds of above 400 km/h and while this might seem exciting for those in need of speed, it is a recipe for disaster. Below are some of the most dangerous car races that ever happened in the world.


Some of The Best Cities to Visit in Africa

Need we say that Africa is best seen from the road, that is, from a hired car, where you can stop as you wish, ogle as you like at the giraffe making love to his wife, see the lion basking in the sun with his family, as he waits for the evening to go hunting? Did you know that the lion sleeps for up to 18 hours a day? Damn good life they have there. But Africa is not all about the jungle. There are many more things to look forward to. Great people, great cuisines and great culture, great cities that will be engraved in your memory forever. Like most other cities in the world, there will be a mix of good and bad in Africa.


Similar Shapes, But Harrier And Lexus are Different

For a long time now, Lexus and Harrier have been assumed by many to be the same and for most people they look the same a part from the logo difference. Well, looking at the two SUVs from a distance, especially the new models, you will see a lot of similarities but in the real sense, the two vehicles are not the same. There are many visible differences and more where most people can not see through a quick glance. In efforts to change the perception of Toyota being a cheap car, the company brought in the Lexus which is an up market product.


The Knight XV: Fit enough to carry a president

Next to the muscle  cars, military vehicles never cease to amaze and intrigue. They are so powerful and the Knight XV made Conquest Vehicles is no different. It is a luxurious military SUV which has attracted top dollar buyers, celebrities and presidents alike. President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya rides in one, and this attests to the growing popularity of the vehicle, considering that he ditched the traditional Land Rover that his predecessors had used for official ceremonies. In addition to the Knight XV, the president has an armored Land Cruiser. What makes the Knight fit enough to carry a president? Let us see the prominent features that easily steal the admiration of all and sundry.


Super Sports Car Bugatti Veyron

Two V8 engines, combined, form a massive 16 cylinder engine. Great is the skill that has been employed to build a car that is a monster on the race track and at the same time, a car that can be driven (or should we say idled?) gently in the estate.


The Top Ten Car Technologies Today

The car industry is moving with the times, embracing the latest technologies that enhance performance, comfort and safety on the road. Today, cutting edge technologies, most aided by the advancement in computing, are embedded in cars while on the production line, making modern day driving safer, fascinating, and entertaining. Here we focus on ten on these topnotch technologies that are part of modern cars.


What Is In The Garage Of Footballer Alex Song?

Alex Song, full name is Alexandre Dimitri Song Bilong is a Cameroonian professional footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for the Spanish giant club FC Barcelona and his national Cameroonian team. Like many other footballers playing in tier one leagues in Europe, Alex Song has quite a boatload of money on his hands. With that in mind we can only expect that his garage is full of machines that reflect his flashy lifestyle outside the pitch. Looking at his collection, Alex Song sure does the love the grand life. Here are some of his rides.


Is it Diesel or Petrol for Used cars?

It is known that Africans prefer used cars, mostly for the lower pricing. Another aspect closely scrutinized when a car purchase is made in Africa is fuel consumption or efficiency. So, what happens if these two are to be considered together? How do used cars differ depending on the fuel consumed, either petrol or diesel?


Need a Station Wagon? Here are 5 of the Best

Whether you are looking for the latest model or an older wagon, you want to search for the best, one that will serve your interests perfectly. The good news is that you have quite a pool to choose from. What specifications make a specific station wagon the best choice for a car buyer? Specific features like fuel economy, cost effectiveness and safety are among the features that a buyer considers when shopping for station wagons. Today, some models have changed the way users look at cars.


The Most Overlooked Car Safety Issues

Cars are generally safe, because mostly their safety rate depends on how you drive yours. However, most of the car accidents are not caused by you, but by other drivers. It is important that you check into all safety features before that road trip to ensure you get to your destination safe and to insure you against the madness of other drivers. If you are driving in a place like Africa where people have no regard for road rules, that is, if there are rules at all, you will definitely need to insure yourself against them.


Tips For Preventive Maintenance For Your Car

Wise men once said prevention is better than cure, well; things are not any different when you are dealing with your car. If you do not fancy messy days when your car fails you yet you need it most at that time, then you will have to learn some preventive maintenance for your car. The better the care you give to an automobile the better the services that you will get. Anyone who has spent boatloads of money getting their vehicle repaired will tell you that ignoring preventive maintenance is like ignoring a ticking time bomb under your bed.


Of these 3 Toyota Hilux ,Nissan Navarra and Isuzu D-Max, Which Is The Ideal Workhorse?

Africa is  a working continent, always looking for a hard worker among the available second hand pickup trucks. Between Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navarra and Isuzu D-Max, which is the ideal workhorse? Well, although different users have varied preferences and tastes, there is a sure favorite. In the section that follows, we look at some unique features that make each of these 3 vehicles preferable as the workhorse of choice by different people. Read this before you order your pickup truck.


More Used Cars Than New Cars Globally?

In Africa, there are more used cars than new cars. But that is obvious, following the fact that this is an upcoming continent and therefore, people can only afford so much. However, used cars are not a preserve of Africa only. They are widely used in Asia, the Americas and elsewhere. There has always been a debate on which automotive to buy, a brand new vehicle or a secondhand/used vehicle. Well, different people prefer different brands of vehicles. Both new and used cars have their advantages and disadvantages and they differ in prices, depreciation rates, appearance, performance, and resell prices.


How Do Women Buy Their Cars?

According to, in 2011, the Mini topped the list of cars most preferred by women. The Ferrari topped the list of the cars most preferred by women. However, close to three years down the line, the trends are changing and the men are suddenly realizing that they are not the only people who love an aggressive fast car.

Which Car Manufacturer Has The Most Cars On The Roads?

Vehicle manufacturers are always in battles for supremacy and when it comes to the numbers on the road, then finding the undisputed king is not a daunting task. To start with no manufacturer has been successful in holding the number one spot for along period of time because the competition is rather cutthroat especially due to the fact that there are always new markets to be conquered and new products to be marketed. Let us briefly look at the trends in different regions and the number one vehicle manufacturer in mattered involving the number of units on the road.


What Is The Safest Car In The World?

Cars are extremely useful machines in the modern world. They are undoubtedly among the leading inventions of the past one millennium whose effects have altered the social, political and economic lives of virtually everyone in the world. Nonetheless, this invention handed mankind a formidable death object. Cars have not only ended up being among the leading causes of death through accidents, they are now contributing heavily to the gentleman’s slow death as a result of environmental pollution. But far from these, cars can cause deaths in other ways, perhaps acting like oven cavities, or when a car under home repair comes rolling on its owner.


The Top Hyundai Models

Just so you know, the name is Hyundai (pronounced H-u-n-d-a-y… like Sunday). Well, if you watch CNN, you must have caught that from one of their adverts that they ran for several months. If you love driving a car with class, style and total functionality, Hyundai answers all your dreams perfectly. My favorite is the Hyundai Sonata, maybe because I love music, but then, the advanced suspension, the elegantly defined moldings and fluid sculpting make me salivate in anticipation. The ergonomic interior, the Destination Search feature powered by Google and… do I need to go on? The Hyundai Sonata is a redefinition of what a midsized family sedan should be like. On the 2015 release, the Koreans leave little to imagination. If sleek, functional and economical (2.4l engine) is what you look for in a car, you have found it!


Important 4×4 Checks You Must Remember Always

How important would it be to make 4×4 checks every time? Well, if you know how the free-wheeling hub works then you are good to go. In that case, I do not expect that selecting transfer gear should pose a huge challenge to you. Even with a brilliant understanding of the 4×4 system, you had better keep some checks in mind. In fact, you should undertake the checks before you are sure to safely go on any drive. In the section that follows, you will learn and appreciate the various 4×4 checks you should always keep in mind.


What You Must Know When Buying a Car

Every car buyer looks for the best deal. Apparently, great deals are only for buyers who are willing to do their homework when shopping for cars. Well, to succeed in this, you should seek useful information and stay informed so long as you are on a car shopping spree. Unfortunately, most car consumers are not acquainted with the right information when they are shopping for cars. This is the reason many of them develop the feeling that they have been ripped off long after the contract is sealed. Well, you would want to get the right information about your preferred car, the market and so on. In the section that follows, you will learn useful information on what you must know when buying a car.


Car Logos and Their Meanings –The Power of the Brand

No one may remember them, but once they see one, they recognize it. Companies pay a lot of money to design logos that communicate to buyers, logos that tell a story. For example, Toyota logo has three ellipses intertwined. One is the heart of the customer, the other the heart of the technology used and the last one is the heart of the product.


The Most Expensive Car Pimping In the World

Car pimping enthusiasts understand what they want. They are prepared to pay any amount of cash to get the services done by the most talented professional. Well, any expensive car pimping requires not only money but great taste too.


5 Top Car Businesses That You Can Start In Africa

The automotive industry is full of opportunities more so for Africa which is still a growing market as afar as cars are concerned. With that said, you than think out of the box and monetize the vehicle you own or use your skills to make money in this industry. Below are some of the best car businesses you can get involved in and get that extra money.


The Meanest Looking “Alpha Cars” Today

Have you ever looked at the front of a car face to face and felt like it is about to pounce on you or just roar like the king of the jungle? Well, that was an alpha male car. These are the vehicles that would lead the pack just because they have a fierce look that is intimidating and aggressive. Some people prefer the cute vehicles that are generally soft while others like the intimidating vehicles because most of them are high performance machines that are packed with horsepower and roaring engines that match their looks. Here are some of the aggressive cars in the alpha male team.


The Most Extreme Car Events in Africa

Forget TopGear… that is BBC. Here in Africa, we have our own motor events and shows. If you love stunts and enjoy extreme car events, you will love the rhino charge in Kenya and the Sahara Desert Race. In these events, you will meet your favorite riders, drivers and high achievers who have reached the pinnacle of motor sports achievements. What are these events? Well, in the section that follows, you will learn what these and other similar events are all about, where they take place and what kinds of vehicles are involved.


Top KIA models For Africa

KIA Motors is a vehicle manufacturing company with headquarters in South Korea. It is the country’s second largest vehicle manufacturing company. Compared to most of the other automobile manufacturers, KIA is still young especially in Africa. However, KIA has managed to remain competitive against other larger brands and it is slowly infiltrating the market with a wide range of vehicles. In Africa, larger vehicles are preferred for off-road driving. For city dwellers, the small sedans and hatchbacks are the best choice. With a plant in South Africa, KIA has a number of vehicles that are fit for the African market and roads.


Which Wheel Drive Is Good for You?

Most people get confused when they are shopping for a vehicle because they do not know whether to get the front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, or four wheel drive (is there a difference between all these types?). On the other hand, most people think that a vehicle is just a vehicle regardless of where it is propelled by the rear wheels, the front wheel or driven by all wheels. These people find out the importance of choosing the wheel drive when it is too late.


6 Top Japanese Compact Sedans You Can Buy Without Fear

Japanese engineering rarely disappoints. Not especially when it comes to the matters of cars. Japanese cars have ruled this industry since the establishment of the industry-recall the days of Toyoda?-. It’s therefore not surprising that among the leading compact sedans in the world, several Japanese models compete favorably. Here, we focus on six such compact sedans from Japan that you can confidently buy.


Top Selling Japanese Cars of All Time

Judging from historical sales data in the automobile industry, you can tell that Japanese cars have surely cut a niche for themselves, especially in Africa. Even with its share of ups and downs, the industry has recorded impressive sales volumes for particular Japanese car models.


The End of the Macho Car

Macho mostly means male…. But then how do you determine the gender of a car? Obviously, it is difficult. Hollywood star and retired wrestler Dwayne Johnson, “the Rock”, drives a big truck that oozes machismo from every pore. In my imagination, I would imagine that macho would be a car that would require me to press and depress the clutch, shift gears in traffic like a pro, park with squealing noises and generally attract a lot of attention.

How Can You Extend Your Car Life?

When the urge to buy a new car comes, the feeling is irresistible. You get to the showroom determined to have nothing but the best there can be-according to the depth of your pockets. You cannot wait to have the maiden drive of the newly acquired! While this feeling is ecstatic, it can quickly fade if no proper care is taken to keep your car at the top of this game. Engine performance can rapidly decrease, the comfort once felt inside soon goes, and the driving experience changing from great to just comfortable to unbearable. However, there are ways to prevent this degradation on your car.


Car Care and Maintenance Mistakes That People Make

“She is still running as good as new”. That is what many car owners think. As long as she is running, you can always postpone that engine check, to your peril, of course. Negligence is going to cost you dearly because you will make more trips to the garage for repairs, or the vehicle will be involved in grisly accidents that may cost life.

The Cool Cars of 2014

With the auto industry’s fast changing trends, it’s easy to tell that cool cars are making a comeback. Industry buzz on 2014’s cars has filled the air over the past year, and finally these speculations have become truths. Because it’s much more difficult these days for car makers to keep a tight lid on upcoming designs, the general outlook for 2014 has been pretty certain.


Gender Tussle – How Women And Men Drive

It seems that the gender war extends in just about everything and driving is no exception. Debates can go on from Lesotho to Timbuktu about who between a man and a woman is a better driver. Many researchers have studied the two genders in relation to how they drive and this has resulted in thousands of conclusions. If you search online for ‘bad female drivers’, you will get thousands of video results compared to the few ‘bad male drivers’ videos.


The Typical African Driver… Expect no Courtesy

Many of you have heard of the tales told about Africa; the rugged terrain where man is animals prey and animal, man’s prey. Well, while most of these could be untrue, there are loads of other realities about Africa that you certainly have not experienced. The most “thrilling” is the African driving experience. Meet the typical African driver, one who knows no courtesy, and treasures madness on the road.


Can a Traffic Cop Board Your Vehicle?

The siren behind you, you stop the car, stay inside the car as the officer approaches your window, asks to see your driving license. You hand it over politely. He asks more questions, you answer them politely, following every response with a very respectful ” sir”.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Japanese Cars

Japan produces a large percentage of the vehicles on the road today. There are many brands from the manufacturers in this nation. Over time though, there has been some of the best, and some of the worst vehicles ever made. Japanese vehicle manufacturers have a hard-earned reputation in the automotive world and over the years of doing business, their vehicles have done great in performance and reliability at an affordable price tag.

Cuba – Where Everyone Drives “Vintage’’

President Raul Castro of Cuba does not know what he has done by relaxing car import rules. The vintage classics that are so common on the roads of Havana, and the Havana cigar (pronounced c-gaar) puffing drivers will start disappearing and certainly, Cuba will lose her position in the world as the only country where everyone drives a classic.

Is DIY servicing time over?

There is a lot of campaigning from manufacturers against DIY servicing. There are times that you feel your wallets is lighter than a feather financially and all you can do is give your car that needed service by yourself.

Indications That Your Car Needs New Alternator

By instinct, you can tell when your car is about to break down. However, identifying a problematic alternator needs more than instinct. It needs basic mechanical knowledge and/or expertise. Sometimes, it needs experience. Well, in that case, you should be able to read particular signs in a malfunctioning alternator.

Kombi wars: Govt moves in

Government is working on a new traffic system to restore order in Harare because police and council are struggling to stamp their authority on commuter omnibus drivers who are flouting regulations at will, resulting in the death of innocent people.

Fueling The African Dream – The Jua Kali Sector of Kenya

Jua Kali is the Swahili name given to the Kenyan informal manufacturing sector. This sector was started in the 60s by the government to grow the capacity of its industrial base and provide employment opportunities to the informally educated yet skilled in different arts.

Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit

Cars have a tendency of breaking down with little or no notice. Sometimes, you will be cruising on a solitary part of the highway and suddenly, you have a puncture. You may not be in a position to call for road rescue services. Therefore, you will have to repair that tire on your own.

Leonardo da Vinci – Renaissance Father of the Modern Car

He was a pacifist, that is, a person who is opposed to war and violence. Going through the list of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, one is left marveling at the kind of foresight he must have had. These were things he invented, drew pictures of long before their time. Today, all of them have come to fruition.

Few Cars That Never Came To Be

It has been something of a norm that car manufacturers develop concepts or car prototypes before committing a concept to full industrial production. This was adopted from the 1950s popularization by General Motors. When a concept is developed, it is presented to potential buyers in a form of a show in order to gauge their reaction to the design, features and general appearance of the model.

Selling Your Car? How To Sell It Online

Africans have embraced the internet and have started using it in different ways such as connecting with friends and family over long distances. Internet usage does not stop at connecting people, it is now the new marketplace where people buy and sell different goods and services.

Here Are the World’s Safest Cars

How about you drive the world’s safest car every time you are on the road? Well, you can do it. Everybody looks for safety when they are shopping for a car. Everyone wants to drive car that rates the highest crash protection ever.

Redesign 2014 of the Subaru Forester

As usual, the Subaru 2014 mesmerizes! However, that is not enough, but many reviewers say that this car is one of the safest on the road today. Do you love a crossover that behaves like a car? You have it in this edition of the Subaru Forester.

The Top 10 Japanese Sports Cars of All Time

Most Japanese cars are known for their fuel economy,  performance and reliability. However, there is that special breed, that thoroughbred of cars, the sports variety that really ticks for the youth. There are many of them, call them performance cars of all time.

How To Change Your Toyota Corolla Car Headlights

Vehicle headlights are very important especially when it is too dark or too foggy to drive. For this reason, it is crucial that you keep the headlights of your vehicle functioning well. This simply means that you should replace any broken or burned out headlight to ensure that you can drive well when natural light is not sufficient.

Targeting the Generation Y Car Buyers in Africa

The Millennial generation is quickly claiming a big share of the auto market in Africa. With the young population- below 35 years-making up more than half of the African population, it was just a matter of time before their impact began to be felt in this sector. Indeed, this generation, spanning birthdates between early 1980s to early 2000s, already makes up 2 of every five car buyers according to a research by Delloite, and this figure is projected to grow to 75 % by 2025.

How Not To Be Taken For A Ride By Your Auto Mechanic

Let’s face it; a higher majority of the mechanics out there are self-acclaimed automobile ‘professionals’ who haven’t the slightest certification to care for your vehicle and these are more often than not; the ‘rip-off artists’.

Understanding Car Jargon

Getting to know car jargon is one of the quickest ways to understand your car’s systems and functionality. You would be able to discuss your car or automobiles in general from a knowledge standpoint. You will no longer confuse terms or be confused whenever experts use car related terminologies.

Manual versus Auto Transmission Cars

Driving in Africa could not get more fun! You have got the choice to make. Do you want to drive the manual or the automatic car? While many men would naturally choose the former-in keeping with the masculine nature-ladies are more inclined to prefer the latter.

These Cars Are The Butt For Road Jokes In Africa

In Africa, there are many cars on the road, but for many people a car is not a car, there are some that are just a bundle of jokes rolled up into an automobile. These are the vehicles that people make fun of whether it is because of their, shape or size.

How to Avoid Disappointment After Buying a Used Car

How about you avoid a scenario where your used car’s performance disappoints long after buying it? It has happened to several buyers in the past, especially people who buy their cars online, because they cannot test-drive cars on the internet.

Hwindi gets three years in Jail for punching and pushing woman off moving kombi

A commuter omnibus conductor popularly known as Hwindi,has earned himself a quality four year jail term, as punishment for pushing a woman off his moving kombi. The two had an altercation over a ticket.

Overcoming Driving Phobia

A phobia is a general fear of an action, activity or an object. The most commonly known ones are water phobia, height/ depth phobia and animal phobia. But, did you know that driving comes with some related phobia among some people?

Believe It or Not, These Cars Look Just Like Their Names

The Mitsubishi Galant is indeed elegant in its own way. It is just as its name suggests. Many other cars look just like their name. Derived from the  French term galant/chivalrous, here is a car that lives up to its name, hugging the road elegantly, like a Victorian lady at an afternoon tea party.   Ever sat and wondered how car manufacturers name their cars?

How Countries Curb Road Accidents In Africa

In addition to costing Africa billions of money every year, road accidents take away many lives and leave many maimed. There are many cases related to road carnage pending in courts and everyday, people are taken to the emergency rooms in hospital. Is it the roads? Is it the drivers? Is it the passengers? Are the governments sleeping on their job? Or is it the vehicles.

Most Annoying Driving Habits in Africa

One interesting African saying goes like this: Character is like pregnancy, you can’t hide it! So are the habits of some drivers. Some drivers on African roads have cultivated very annoying behaviors and habits. Probably, you have had experience with such drivers.

Japanese Collectible Cars, If You Can Spare The Cash

There are a lot of collectible things around us but ever stop and wonder what makes them collectibles, is it their aesthetic or technical value, their possible monetary value or the sentimental part of them? Well regardless of why you consider something a collectible, they tell a story about you and they are a part of you.

Used Japanese Cars for Car Rental Business in Africa – Why It’s A Viable Business

Car hire business in Africa is on the rise. It is a booming business enabled in part by the growing economies in Africa and the still establishing information and communication technology. It has cemented its position as the new business frontier.

African Celebrities Who Died in Road Accidents

Drive carefully… road crashes kill. They have killed before, and they will kill again. Do not be the next one on the statistics. When Paul Walker of the famous Fast & Furious died in a car crash, late 2013, people were shaken.

In the Mind of the African Car Buyer – What is He Really Looking For?

At a glance, I guess you could say that car buyers the world over all look for the same things in an automobile: comfort, elegance, affordability, stability… the list goes on and on. But I suppose there are some pretty good reasons why cars do not follow a single concept of production; and an even greater reason why some car models are more prevalent in Africa as compared to others.

Visiting Africa? 5 Unfounded Fears About Driving In Africa

Africa is a great continent full of diversity and a beautiful welcoming people. This is the reason why it is a major tourist destination especially because of the great sceneries and the awesome wild life.

Avoid New Untested Cars – Go For Used Ones and Save Money

Driving a defective vehicle is one of the unpleasant experiences you would want to avoid at all costs. If you are yet to buy your car yet, you would like to avoid buying new untested cars when you can go for used, tested ones and save money.

African Economic Outlook: Used Car Exporters’ Opportunity

The African economic outlook paints a good image of the continent today and the future. The report indicates that the African continent grew by an average 4.8 % in the year 2013, and predicts a further growth of 5.3% in 2014.

The Late Nelson Mandela Loved Cars, Did You Know That?

Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest African leaders, celebrated around the world even in his absence. Looking beyond the greatness and the fame, Mandela had a personal life with normal liking for things such as cars

Your Car Care – Hope You Haven’t Been Neglecting these

Smooth rides don’t happen, you have to make them happen. Owning a vehicle is not nearly as important as knowing how to care for it. Proper care is required to maintain the good quality of the automobile and extend its life.

Used cars: Most Viable Option for Africa

There is a reason why used cars are popular in Africa. Many have tried to link cartels in the auto industry to syndicates revolving around vehicle importation to under hands in this trade, but the story has not been convincing.

Dollar Millionaire Celebrities in South Africa and Their Cars

To most young dollar millionaires, owning, cruising the street, and gracing auspicious occasions with expensive cars is a mark of their distinctive economic and social status. However, with some other millionaire celebrities, more especially the older ones, they are conservative.

5 Benefits Of Owning A Car In Africa

Owning a car is a great thing, especially in Africa where the benefits are limitless. The good thing about cars in Africa is that the market is still growing and with competitor brands making their way to African nations, the prices of vehicles are greatly reduced.

Here is How to Avoid a Hijacking in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is no doubt one of the greatest cities in Africa. However, big as it is, it has earned the ill reputation of being home to all manner of villains. Carjackers take the top spot on the list of scum.  Thankfully, you will be surprised at how much the security situation has improved, thanks to vigilantly manned CCTV cameras and new deployment of agile officers of the law.


Importing Used Heavy Machinery From Japan

A look at the BEFORWARD site will show you that used vehicle exports to Africa has now gone beyond cars. With a construction boom that will soon turn African cities into concrete jungles, we surely do need a lot of heavy machinery.

Japanese Used Trucks That Rule the Roads of Africa

What will it take to drive Africa’s economy? Well, to answer this one literally, it will take the road. It is easier to develop road networks spanning every remote corner of Africa than it is to develop rail systems. That is why some countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and others have very well established trucking systems.

Looking For an SUV – What Differentiates Compact, Crossover and Mini SUV?

Quite often, the term SUV has been used by different people to mean different things or car shapes or class. But SUV, short for Sport Utility Vehicle is a vehicle designed similar to the station wagon or estate car and which is equipped with four wheel drive capabilities and is both on and off road.

Toyota Loved by the Common and the Famous Alike

If you thought that Toyota was the choice of ride for the mundane motorist, you thought wrong! It is everyone’s car and as CEO Akio Toyoda says, it makes the driver happy. The Toyota Prius Hybrid especially seems to be one of the most favored car, perhaps because it is a hybrid.

African Millionaires Make The Continent a Lucrative Market for High-End Vehicles

Growth and development of a luxury culture in Africa has led to rise of a select group known as Social Class A. This growth promises a scoop to the automobile industry. According to the 2012 statistics by World Wealth Report, Africa experienced a 9.9% growth in her high net worth individuals compared to the global average of 9.2%.

Harare : Zimbabwe government relaxes petrol blending

The Zimbabwe government has relaxed the blending of petrol to 10% from 15% due to the shortage of ethanol, a Cabinet minister has said. The country’s Energy and Power Development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire in a statement on Monday said until now blending had progressed well.

7 Toyota MPVs that Dominate the African Market

From its humble beginnings, Toyota has fully penetrated the African market over the years, becoming one of the favorites among users. To meet the consumer needs, Toyota has embraced the world class technological applications in the manufacture of its automobiles.

Why We Think Africa Will Be the Next Auto Market

Looking at Africa over the last 50 years, a lot has happened. The infrastructure has improved and now you can proudly drive on the smooth highways. Ok, we are not there yet, but we will soon be, by the way things are going. This is good news to major used car exporters like Japan, as it means that they will have a larger market for their cars.


Harare City marshals to clamp vehicles

parking marshals of City Parking (Pvt) Ltd will soon be able to clamp unlawfully parked vehicles on Harare’s streets with drivers charged US$57 and kombis US$80 to have them freed.Harare councillors have now passed the necessary resolution giving City Parking (Pvt) Ltd marshals authority to clamp vehicles of motorists violating parking by-laws and the city’s business committee on December 13, 2013, told the city’s public

Toyota Hilux Vs Isuzu DMax

Japan is the largest exporter of used vehicles to Africa. Her unclear lead in the content has remained unbeaten for many decades, and it will remain so. However,when two Japanese manufacturers have to scarmble for the same market, the result is two products that are almost similar in looks and performance. In the automotive industry,

The Funniest Uses for Vehicles in Africa

It is in Africa that a tool will be tried for practically all jobs and tasks. If it doesn’t do well, the tool simply is ‘substandard’ and doesn’t meet the expectations. This line of thought is not only applied to simple tools. It cuts across all type of machinery and vehicles are not an exception

Types Of Shipping Methods For Cars

Depending on the type of shipping method you would prefer, it could mean a lot to you as you wait for the delivery of your car to its preferred destination. Quite often, people face many hassles while the delivery is in progress. As the case might be, these hassles may be associated with the type of shipping method you chose in the first place.

Africa a booming market for stolen cars

Abidjan - If luxury cars have become a more common sight on African roads, that is in part due to it becoming a prime destination for cars lifted off European streets.

These Cars Topped The List Of New Cars For South Africa 2013

South Africa is a growing economy, in fact, one that most countries in the continent look up to. This also goes for its automotive market with major brands having their plants in the country

17 more killed as carnage continues - Zimbabwe

SEVENTEEN more people have been killed in 738 road traffic accidents recorded since the start of the festive season on December 15.
This brings the holiday death toll to 64. The number of people injured as of yesterday was 311.

Which Country in Africa Imports the Most Celebrity Rides?

By now, you know that we are talking about Africa’s biggest economy, South Africa. Yes, it is not the flamboyant Nigerians this time, but Madiba’s fellow countrymen. These are the people who beat the oil rich Abu Dhabi and Dubai to lead in Africa and the Middle East in the importation of luxury cars

Africa Contributes 1% to Global Warming Yet Faces the Biggest Blunt

Global warming is the one menace that is threatening to rob our future generations of a great world. This is brought about by greenhouse gases emissions that damage the ozone layer. Industrial development is mostly to blame for that, and depletion of the environment. However, here we are about cars and trucks and it is so sad to see that Africa contributes so little to global warming, yet it has been at the receiving end of severe policies many times.

Knowing driver signals

During the last festive season, 260 people perished on our roads. This time I would like to appeal to all our road users to play their part and help to significantly reduce this figure. It is very sad that a single crash on December 17 involving a kombi, being driven by an under-age driver in Chiredzi, has already claimed 12 lives already during this festive period

Ignore tyres at your own peril

A vehicle with all its weight and power of perambulation was given an equally capable component to afford it control and stability. A tyre is a component that revolutionised motoring and transportation in general, thanks to the great inventor John Boyd Dunlop.

No chances for Zim dollar comeback

IN the face of a crippling liquidity crunch that has threatened to force the economy back into a recession, it has become apparent more than ever that the multi-currency regime which had stabilised the economy can also be very destructive if stakeholders such as Government and industry are not disciplined in planning and managing their finances.

Tech Gadgets in Long Distance Buses In Kenya – What Next?

The public transport sector in Kenya has many evolutionary stages but the good part is that all the changes and additions have been all geared towards ensuring that the passenger is comfortable. So, you are on a long ride from the capital city Nairobi to the cost or to the western side of the country, the ride will not take minutes, but more than 7 hours.

Safe Cars That Will Drive Insurance Out Of Business

We all know how the insurance business works; you pay premiums alongside other many car owners because you all feel unsafe on the road. The insurance companies must be doing very well because there are not so many accidents and the premiums keep flowing in.

Zimbabwe Motorists warm to ethanol blending

AFTER the furore which marred the re-introduction of fuel blending, the market seems to be warming to the products, the country’s leading ethanol producer has said.

More blending ratios will damage cars: Mangoma

HARARE - Former Energy and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma talks to our Senior Assistant Editor Guthrie Munyuki about mandatory blending and his plans for Zesa which would have turned the power utility into profit-making. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

How Cheap Petrol Will Turn Africa into A Car Hub

Availability of cheap gas in Africa is shaping the consumption patterns of imported cars in the continent. This is the case more especially with countries undertaking oil production.

Christmas beckons as ZRP bans ex-Jap pirate taxis

ORLANDO Pirates FC, a dominant South African football franchise, is diversely nicknamed, “Buccaneers” and “Sea Robbers”, among other names. The legendary (and somewhat detestable) human skull-and-crossbones insignia is the basis of the club’s eminent official badge.
How befitting for the real pirates in days gone by, that the fear-provoking human skull-and-crossbones were the notorious, real pirates’ emblem of mortification.

Cars That Have Defied Age in Africa

They have been with us, and they literally have refused to leave us despite the tectonic changes experienced in the motor industry. Against the wave of fashion, classy and elegant design and modernism, some car models won’t just fade away. They still stand their ground to remain relevant in the rapidly changing motor industry landscape. Here we look at some of these stubborn masterpieces.

Vehicles that Car Thieves in Africa Love

Hardly a day goes in Africa when a vehicle isn’t stolen. However, some vehicles are likely to disappear faster than others. It is not any assurance I know, but that car that you love so much could just disappear from the parking lot, simply because it is easy to steal and dispose of.

Africa’s Worst Roads – Where Road Accidents Are Everyday News

It is disheartening to note that Africa ranks highly as the deadliest places for road accidents. A Global Status report by World Health Organization discloses that Africa road accidents constitute about 16% of the world’s road accidents. Not a short period passes without reading, hearing or seeing news about road carnages.

Importation of Motor Vehicles by Private Individuals

The importation of motor vehicles by private individuals is treated more or less like the importation of other goods. The following legal requirements apply when one imports a motor vehicle for private use;

Acute parking space woes hit Harare

HARARE is facing an acute shortage of parking space, with statistics released recently showing that the city only has 7 000 on-street and parkade parking bays against almost 160 000 cars that enter the city each day.

Regulations and Costs for Importing a car to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a big consumer of imported cars from Japan and other places. Every year, more than 50,000 cars are imported. Because it is a landlocked country, vehicles imported have to be cleared through the Port of Durban in South Africa, Walvis Bay in Namibia or Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

'Govt's Willowvale plan problematic'

HARARE - Government faces a conundrum in its bid to procure vehicles from Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries (WMMI) amid revelations that the company has no capacity whatsoever and it is actually importing completely-built-up (CBU’s) units from South Africa (SA).

How to sell your used car

MOST vehicle owners, especially those who buy used cars, normally enjoy driving them for the first two to three years after the purchase and thereafter they start thinking about selling and replacing them.
While the decision to sell and replace a car is simple enough, the actual disposal is not as easy as it requires you to seek answers to the following questions.

Zimbabwe fuel prices marginally decrease

FUEL prices have begun trending downward following the introduction of mandatory blending and the extension for all fuel industry players to label their petrol pumps appropriately, a company official has said.

11 people die as Harare-bound bus collides head-on in South Africa

MAKHADO, Limpopo - At least eleven people have been killed after a bus collided with another vehicle on the N1 near Makhado in Limpopo.
The bus was apparently overtaking a car, when it crashed head-on into the vehicle. Both the drivers of the bus and the car are among the dead.

Import duty set to go up

Import duty and tariffs on selected items will go up soon with the Government already working on measures to protect the local industry from competition from cheap products. Speaking during a question and answer session in the Senate yesterday, Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said the Government was also crafting a Bill to prevent dumping of sub-standard commodities on the local market.

Lexus Unveils 'RC' Sports Coupe

Tokyo, Japan, November 20—Lexus today unveiled the new "RC 350" and "RC 300h" sports coupes scheduled for launch in the second half of 2014.  The cars were unveiled at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, which will run from today through December 1 at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

Chrysler Should Have Known: Stick Shifts Don’t Sell

If the Dodge Dart is going to save Chrysler it will do so with an automatic transmission.The car maker said it sold 974 of the compact Darts in June and July, its first two months on the market. That level might be OK for boutique sports cars and specialty luxury brands but not for the Dart, which is supposed to be a high-volume seller.

What is the Real Price of a New Car?

Just how much will that new car really cost?

The short answer: The car may cost more than you anticipated. And even more than you negotiated. Way more.

Car smugglers’ trial postponed

Beitbridge Bureau
THE trial of nine Malawians arrested in Beitbridge recently for operating a well-orchestrated car smuggling syndicate has been further postponed to October 7. Seven top-of-the-range vehicles worth R5 million were recovered from the suspects following their arrest. The cars were being smuggled from South Africa into the country through an illegal crossing point along the Limpopo River.

Green Fuel enters Zimbabwe market

HARARE - Motorists on Monday began filling up their fuel tanks with ethanol-blended petrol following distribution of the commodity at selected points in the city by Green Fuel (GF). The blend, which comprises 10% ethanol from Chisumbanje ethanol plant and 90% petroleum, is selling at $1,36/litre, making it the cheapest blend on the market.



Mahindra's new SUV500

Johannesburg - Mahindra’s new flagship SUV was launched in its home market, India, but the following day the big cheeses were in SA for the local reveal - and not a jet-lagged blurry eye in sight. The XUV500 is assembled at Mahindra's Chakan near Pune in India and is an all-new design that champions the first monococque construction and six-speed transmission for the brand. And, as a special favour to South Africans, this cheetah-inspired SUV comes packed with more luxury and convenience features than you can throw at a limousine.



Left-hand drive vehicles can be let in after deadline

Harare - Left-hand drive vehicles that were paid for before the announcement of the ban on their import will be allowed into the country even if they arrive at the border after the deadline, a Cabinet minister has said. In an interview last week, Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development Minister Nicholas Goche said everyone with proof that they had already paid for the vehicles would be allowed to import the vehicles.


Government reintroduces ethanol blended petrol

Harare - GOVERNMENT has reintroduced ethanol blended petrol in Zimbabwe, a move aimed at increasing the security of fuel supplies. Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Acting Energy and Power Development Minister Heneri Dzinotyiwei, said the development follows "massive" production of ethanol at Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant by Green Fuels. He said the company has more than two million litres of anhydrous ethanol in stock.



Used car import ban spawns revenue loss

Harare - The decision suspend the ban on aged car imports has been welcomed by many Zimbabweans. Meanwhile debate still rages on whether it is really necessary or not. Our Features Editor ISDORE GUVAMOMBE (IG) talks to Peter Gamundani (PG) president of Totalmotormart, a Japan-based Zimbabwean company that exports cars into Sadc.



Car Review: Chev Volt

US - The Volt is arguably General Motors’ most important product launch, in the last decade. Tagged as the world’s first mass produced electric vehicle, the Volt is a technology showcase for GM. According to the company, consumer research showed that the average daily commute, for most Americans, is between 50-65 km. With that in mind, the Volt uses a 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and electric drive unit that provides it with a pure electric range of about 55 km. The onboard 1.4 litre petrol engine acts as a generator and extends the range of kilometres covered, up to an additional 550 km, on a full tank of fuel, by operating the vehicle’s electric drive system, until the car can be plugged in and recharged or refuelled.


De-Mystfying Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Engines

Harare - The common rail system has brought about a revolution in diesel engine technology. The common rail system was developed in the late 1960s by Robert Huber of Switzerland. After that, the technology was further developed by Dr. Marco Ganser at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  in Zurich, later of Ganser-Hydromag AG  in Obergeri. In the mid-nineties, Dr. Shohei Itoh and Masahiko Miyaki, of the Denso Corporation, a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer, developed the Common Rail Fuel System for Heavy Duty Vehicles and finally turned  into its first practical use on their ECD-U2 Common Rail system, which was mounted on the Hino Rising Ranger truck and sold for general use in 1995.


Used Import Car Ban Extended to 31 October 2011

 HARARE - TRANSPORT Minister Nicholas Goche has declared a government plan to ban the importation of second hand cars in limbo after ministers decided more consultations were needed on the policy. Officials had said the ban on vehicles older than five years would start on July 1, but Goche announced on Saturday this had been pushed back to October 31.


Can Zimbabwe do without grey imports?

 HARARE - Zimbabweans are in a quandary over whether it is economically prudent to continue importing difficult-to-maintain pre-owned vehicles, responsible for the flight  from the cash-short economy of more than half a billion dollars annually.


Chevrolet Beefs Up Its Captiva Range

CAPE TOWN -  The new Chevrolet Captiva now sports more aggressive styling complements new, more powerful engines...


Russian authorities impound shipment of used Japanese cars after detecting high levels of radiation from the vehicles

The Russian used auto industry relies on used car shipments from Japanese companies that have dried up since the March earthquake and problems at the Fukushima plant.


Japanese Car Onwers, the happiest drivers: Survey

 LONDON - Japanese cars dominate a survey of driver satisfaction with Lexus topping the poll for the 11th year running. Cars from Japan took seven of the top ten places for most satisfying models while Vauxhall and Ford languish around the bottom.


Zimbabwe governement to revise used car import law

HARARE - The Zimbabwe government is considering relaxing the age limit of vehicles to be imported into the country from five years to another limit to be advised next week as the June 30 deadline approaches. 


Nissan Leaf Review

 The Nissan Leaf feels just like any other small sedan on the market. And that’s a good thing. Actually, the car is quite a bit smoother and feels more solid than most. 


Five Tips for dealing with car dealers

There are a few cardinal rules that apply to any negotiation. If you are the buyer, you will almost never get something for less than your initial offer. The first number you put on the table will become the baseline from which all subsequent offers will be judged and compared. If you set the bar too high, you leave yourself little wiggle room to cut a deal at a number you like.


Nissan outsells Big guns in the US

In March 2011, the Nissan Altima was the best-selling sedan in the U.S., with 32,289 units sold. It surprisingly beat out rivals such as the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Nissan sold 28.4% more in March 2011 with sales of 121,141 vehicles, compared to 95,468 units in March 2010



The Buick is back! No, really...

 While Butler University's long-shot bid collapsed Monday night against the University of Connecticut in the NCAA title game, basketball fans got a glimpse of another Cinderella story that may have a better chance of success. Buick, the long-struggling General Motors brand, recently signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the NCAA, highlighted by the debut of a new “anthem” commercial during the final days of March Madness.“Our intention is to plant the flag and inspire a reappraisal of Buick,” said Craig Bierley, the brand’s marketing chief.


ZimAutoTrader launched

Harare - After months of analysis, research, development, testing, is officially online and available 24/7 for FREE, yes FREE!


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