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Here Are the World’s Safest Cars

13-04-2014 20:00:00

How about you drive the world’s safest car every time you are on the road? Well, you can do it. Everybody looks for safety when they are shopping for a car. Everyone wants to drive car that rates the highest crash protection ever.

millennials red Here Are the World’s Safest Cars

The generation focused on technology and car safety.
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Before a vehicle earns the world’s safest rating, various factors are considered. In other words, a number of tests are carried out on the car to determine its strength and performance. The roof, side, front, head restraint tests are carried out to check performance of the car. The car’s strength can either be good or acceptable. Vehicles that attract the world’s safest ratings must pass a predetermined strength level in each test.

To test the safety of the cars above, frontal crash tests are carried out at 40 miles/hour. Dummies are used in the tests and the results are recorded. Equally, side effect tests are carried on the cars and the results recorded for analysis.

In the actual world, highly rated safety cars should be fitted with a technology that offers frontal, side impact and rear crash protection. The system can initiate an automated emergency braking or sound warning for forward collision. With this protective system, inattentive drivers can effectively prevent crashing into other cars, people or objects.

Having said that, here are the world’s safest cars:

Audi series

The Audi series has one of the highest safety ratings among other vehicles. Besides safety, Audi series also offers luxury. For instance, Audi A6 is a full size sedan that has attracted the highest safety rating. The Audi Q5 is midsize. Just like the Audi A6, Audi Q5 equally offers safety, performance and luxury. It also is a four wheel drive.

Small models of Audi have equally been built with crash protection system. A good example is the Audi A3. You can always get great performance and safety while on the roads. Rear load limiters, side body airbags, front seatbelts pretensioners, side head airbags and many other features make Audi very safe.

BMW series

The BMW vehicles equally provide great protection and safety standards for the users. The BMW 5 series is a midsize sedan that offers both luxury and safety.

Infiniti models

The Infiniti models have equally received high safety. The Infiniti Ex 35 for instance, is a Japanese SUV crossover that offers both luxury and safety. The Infiniti M37/M56 is the sedan model that has equally attracted high safety rating among many users. Features like four wheel brakes, rear air bag, side air bags, brake assists, passenger air bags and front toe hooks among others make these models safe on the roads.

Mercedes Benz

Both Mercedes Benz E-class and Mercedes Benz M-class have received high safety rating in the industry. The Mercedes Benz E-class is a luxury sedan while Mercedes Benz M-class is a midsize SUV that provides luxury, performance and safety. These cars are fitted with safety features like steering assist, blind spot assists, collision protection assists, pedestrian detectors and high beam detectors among others.

Volvo models

The Volvo vehicles have equally attracted high safety ratings. The Volvo XC 60, the Volvo S 60 and the Volvo S 80 have been fitted with the crash protection system, which is a safety characteristic relevant for many users. The vehicle is fitted with 3 point safety belts and other preventative safety system to reduce injuries in case of an accident.


chevrolet trax Here Are the World’s Safest Cars

Chevrolet Trax mini SUV.
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Besides performance, one of the important features that attract many users in many small cars is safety. Chevrolet cars have been built with crash protection technology to ensure safety of the driver and passengers. The Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Sonic are good examples that you can shop for. They have been fitted with stability controls, front impact airbags, side effect airbags, knee airbags and overhead airbags among other safety features.       

Lovers of small cars need to understand the models that offer safety features. Among those cars include the Buick Verano, Toyota Prius, Subaru Impreza, Mazda 3 and Lexus CT200h and many others.

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