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How Not To Be Taken For A Ride By Your Auto Mechanic

31-03-2014 20:00:00

Let’s face it; a higher majority of the mechanics out there are self-acclaimed automobile ‘professionals’ who haven’t the slightest certification to care for your vehicle and these are more often than not; the ‘rip-off artists’.

auto mechanic How Not To Be Taken For A Ride By Your Auto Mechanic

Mechanics can make you lose money. Be careful how you deal with them
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If you love your car, you will want to take it to an established repair shop, rather than take it to an open air roadside repair joint.Why is this?

  • The parts that you will get from the open air mechanic may not be genuine
  • The parts will most probably not be covered by warranty
  • The parts could be stolen
  • You will be misinformed

Women are more likely to be ripped off at the mechanics and probably this is due to the assumption that many women know next to nothing about automobiles; let alone the very car they are driving.

So what are the common lines used by mechanics to rip you off?

    1.  Replacing your car parts before their ‘expiry’ date

And brakes have got to take the day with this one. Many rip-off mechanics will sell you a service way before you need it. Does the mechanic seem a tad too eager to change your ‘worn out’ brakes or change your shock absorbers? Do not be too eager to agree; ask as many questions as possible and even if you do agree to the changing; always carry your old parts with you. A car-knowledgeable friend may help tell you whether you were ripped off or not.

open air garage How Not To Be Taken For A Ride By Your Auto Mechanic

An open air mechanic – Although they do a good job, your car may not be too safe with them
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2.      Exaggeration

Yes, probably your treads may need changing; but I doubt going a further mile will kill you or make the cause for road carnage. Humans scare rather easily; more so women and many mechanics will use this to dupe you by exaggerating the need for a repair than may not be so urgent after all. Don’t fall prey; check what your book says and compare this to what the mechanic is telling you; and again; insist on taking your old parts with you!

3.      Selling counterfeit parts as genuine ones

Factory parts and non-factory parts may at times look very similar in appearance; but be sure you know exactly which one you are paying for. Factory parts are of superior quality and so even the price will lean on the higher side; as compared to their unauthentic counterparts. Always insist on seeing the mark of genuineness and compared this with what is said in your manual book.

4.      Offering nonexistent services

Oh, so your headlights fluid needs to be replaced; really? And I guess the mechanic recommended a transmission flush too? Rip off! These services hardly exist; and even if they do; you car will almost never need them; c’mon, even your manufacturer’s manual says the very same thing; if you would just read it.

5.      Rusty car parts

Yes, you car parts may get rusty every once in a while but if you do regular servicing you really think your car nuts and bolts will have accumulated enough rust to hamper your driving? This is another popular lie by mechanics and they know that couple this with “you will die” and you will literally be begging the mechanic to change your rusty bolts.

training mechanics in Nigeria How Not To Be Taken For A Ride By Your Auto Mechanic

On the job training for mechanics in Nigeria
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6.      Overcharging

Rather obvious and common yet so many of us fall prey to this. If your car needs any servicing ask how long the job will take and how much labor is involved and also compare the price ranges of a couple of garages; this will help guide you into knowing whether you are being ripped off or if your mechanic is genuine.

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