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Harare : Zimbabwe government relaxes petrol blending

13-01-2014 20:00:00

The Zimbabwe government has relaxed the blending of petrol to 10% from 15% due to the shortage of ethanol, a Cabinet minister has said.

The country’s Energy and Power Development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire in a statement on Monday said until now blending had progressed well.

“The blending of petrol with ethanol has been progressing very well until recently when a lot of rain made it impossible to harvest cane for ethanol production leading to strained supplies. This supply strain resulted in the stocks that had been anticipated to take care of inevitable short production interruptions being reduced to very low levels,” Mavhaire said.

“Given this development, the ministry has relaxed the blending of petrol from 15% to 10% until adequate stocks have been built.”

Mavhaire however said the country had enough fuel stocks.

Blending started at levels of 5% ethanol to 95% petrol in October last year before being increased to 10% and 15% respectively. Government is pushing for 20% by March this year.



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