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Types Of Shipping Methods For Cars

31-12-2013 20:00:00

Depending on the type of shipping method you would prefer, it could mean a lot to you as you wait for the delivery of your car to its preferred destination. Quite often, people face many hassles while the delivery is in progress. As the case might be, these hassles may be associated with the type of shipping method you chose in the first place. You should make efforts to understand the various shipping methods for cars, make your consideration before choosing and enjoying a particular shipping service!

auto transport Types Of Shipping Methods For Cars

Car transport by road – such scenes are common in Africa
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The type of shipping method you choose for your cars may  will have its share of pros and cons. However, it should make business sense to choose a relatively cheaper yet safe option. The method you would choose will be based on various factors as explained herein.

Shipping methods based on delivery terminals

Door to door shipping

This one is more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Door to door shipping method ensures that delivery is surely made to the right destination and or recipient. Usage of this method of shipping will depend on the terms of delivery contracted with a client. Door to door shipping is therefore the fulfillment of those terms and conditions.

Terminal to terminal shipping

Just like door to door shipping, terminal shipping is a method agreed on contract by the client or customer. Successful terminal shipping is therefore the fulfillment of those delivery conditions! The parties to the contact should agree on the delivery terminal before sealing the contract.    

Used cars at Port of Dar es Salaam Types Of Shipping Methods For Cars

Imported used cars in Tanzania
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Shipping methods based on carriers

Open air shipping method

As you can tell, the method derives its name from the shipping carrier under use. In open air shipping method, you can utilize open air carriers to ship your cars on the free way. Normally, the carriers are loaded with cars and pulled by trucks for delivery to the dealership or desired destination! Important to note is the fact that open air shipping is one of the cheap options besides being safe. The downside, however, is that it could expose the cars on delivery to environmental conditions hence the cars mat be susceptible to damage.

Enclosed shipping method

Whenever safety is the main objective of the successful delivery process then you may consider using enclosed carriers when shipping cars. Enclosed carriers reduces exposure of the cars under delivery from environmental conditions thus, controlling related potential damage thereto. The method also ensures privacy of the delivery. Use of enclosed shipping closes curtains to prying eyes!

Ground shipping method

While choosing the ground shipping method to use, two options are available: Driveway car shipping and car shipping by rail. Driveway shipping method utilizes road network systems in the delivery process. Shipping by rail, on the other hand, utilizes railway lines systems of delivery. Though the method is slow, you can save on shipping costs.

AIRfr Types Of Shipping Methods For Cars

Car shipping by air is not very common in Africa, but it happens some time.
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Car shipping by air

This method is most common with very expensive cars, or the racing cars. It is fast. It is very expensive but it is worth it. In many cases, while this method is not commonly used in Africa, we have seen it in many cases. For example, in preparation for a car rally, many people prefer to ship their racing cars by air. It is a very safe shipping method.



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