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Africa Contributes 1% to Global Warming Yet Faces the Biggest Blunt

23-12-2013 20:00:00

Global warming is the one menace that is threatening to rob our future generations of a great world. This is brought about by greenhouse gases emissions that damage the ozone layer. Industrial development is mostly to blame for that, and depletion of the environment. However, here we are about cars and trucks and it is so sad to see that Africa contributes so little to global warming, yet it has been at the receiving end of severe policies many times.  Is this justified? Somehow it is, if the heavy smoke billowing out of the exhaust systems of cars and trucks on Kenyan roads is anything to go by.

800px Exhaust Africa Contributes 1% to Global Warming Yet Faces the Biggest Blunt

Exhaust smoke from a cold car
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Development and environment are inseparable. As we develop if we are not careful enough we might contribute to global warming. Therefore, there is needed to strike a balance between the two. That way you will ensure that your children grow in a safe world and without the fear of uncertainties. Most developed countries have an enormous carbon footprint. This is because of their dependence on machines, electricity and their massive production industries. Others, like Africa, as several studies have shown contribute only 1% to global warming. However, the figure might be a bit larger as the continent is developing at a high rate and most of their operations are unsustainable.

Little contribution but big suffering in Africa

Africa may not be contributing too much to global warming, but we surely feel the biggest impact, all the reason why you should have that car checked. We have to agree that Africa has some of the worst kept vehicles. The severe droughts and famines experienced it the countries at the horn of Africa is one of the worst effects of global warming. Thanks to our poor disaster preparedness, we always let the situations escalate out of control.

So what can we do, on personal basis in Africa to help in curbing the deterioration of global warming effects? Firstly, we must all be educated. Lets all know what global warming is. Secondly, even as we import used cars, we must make sure that we import roadworthy vehicles. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that too much because most of the second hand cars that we import come from Japan. The body mandated with certifying the road-worthiness of the vehicles ensures that no faulty vehicle leaves the country to Africa.

Africa’s emission is significant! Yet we suffer the biggest implications. In fact, reports published online and elsewhere show the per capita emission in Africa as very low, negligible. However, in Britain, we saw the food mile campaigns where produce from Kenya was banned on account that it was transported by air. African countries are also members in some of the associations for climate change, where they contribute money. That Africa is not best suited to adapt to change has seen her people suffering from very severe effects of global warming. For example, countries in the horn of Africa region still depend largely on rain fed agriculture which has so far failed to alleviate the drought and famine that strikes every year, leading to high magnitude food crisis.

carbon monoxide emission2 Africa Contributes 1% to Global Warming Yet Faces the Biggest Blunt

Greenhouse gas emissions in Africa are minimal
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For global warming, Africa is not exactly blameless! If you look at the per capita green house gas emissions, you will see that the biggest car importers like Libya and South Africa are the leading greenhouse gases emitters. Next time you order that car, think again. Do you really need it? Can you use the public transport system a bit longer?


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