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Tiptronic Transmission and How it Works

21-03-2015 20:00:00

A few years ago, purchasing a vehicle involved deciding either to buy a manual or an automatic transmission car. Today, much more than that is involved when buying a car. “What is tiptronic transmission?” “How does it work?”  Generally, you want to purchase a vehicle but you are wondering what it means. This article gives you a definition and exactly how tiptronic transmission works.

porsche cayenne s 34 Tiptronic Transmission and How it Works

Tiptronic transmission on a car.
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Tiptronic Transmission involves both manual and automatic gear shifting. A tiptronic gear operates like any usual type of automatic transmission. It allows the driver to automatically change gears by shifting the lever into second one (Tiptronic) without using the clutch. It is technically equipped with dual spring-loaded “downshifts and up shifts”. Here, the decision depends on driver’s option to shift to tiptronic transmission that is operated by the transmission computer. Transmission is always swift and smooth while in motion simply because the shifting the gear is controlled by the gearbox computer.

How does the transmission work?

Just to set things straight here… tiptronic transmission lets the driver be in control over what gear the car runs on while automatic transmission leaves the shifting of gears to the gearbox. Its good if you would like to get some extra power from the car. Usually, that is the only difference between the two types of transmissions.


Technically, always make sure that the gear lever indicates “park”. Since the tiptronic gearbox is fitted with automatic shift gate, ensure a second gate is off to the part where the lever should be moved down or up for downshift or up shift processes.


Slow down by pressing the brakes pedal and ignite the vehicle. Accelerate the car normally. However, for some models, the tiptronic transmission will shift for you first two gears. Then, you can take over the shifting by yourself.


On the third step, move the lever from automatic gate into manual shifting if you decide to use the gear lever. But for models fitted with steering wheel buttons, press the button with + sign to shift up. It’s not advisable to lift the throttle up while on a conventional manual transmission, go on shifting up the gears as you accelerate the car.


button Tiptronic Transmission and How it Works

Pulling the gear stick back to the minus button is the fourth step.
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The fourth step, shift down by pulling the gear lever back to – sign or press the – button, the car will selectively lower to the next gear. This is being done before approaching a corner because downshifting at the corner middle in a high speed may cause accident as the car becomes upset.


Lastly, while reversing a vehicle with tiptronic gearbox, place the lever on automatic gate and reverse the gear. Here, the gearbox automatically resets to automatic mode after some time if you haven’t selected the shifts.

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