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The Problems That Come With Driving On Mismatched Tyres

15-02-2015 22:00:00

Before buying a second-hand car, it is always important to check the car Tyres to identify if they are worn out, and properly mounted. In this case, the imperative question is: what about mismatched car Tyres? Is that a setback? Whenever possible, it is always advisable to use identical Tyres with the same size and tread pattern. This is helpful in maintaining the optimum stability and control of your vehicle. Generally, you should avoid using mismatched set of car Tyres unless the vehicle manufacturer specifies that it is acceptable. In rare cases, some cars have what is referred to as staggered fitment where Tyres of different sizes are mounted on the front and rear axles.

Examples of Mismatched Car Tyres

mismatched tires The Problems That Come With Driving On Mismatched Tires

Mismatched thread patterns cause a mismatch on the Tyres.
Image Source:

Cases of mismatched car Tyres include Tyres with different thread patterns, Tyres from different manufacturers, non–flat Tyres with run–flat Tyres, and Tyres with different construction characteristics.

Matched Set Is Best

Functionally, mismatched car Tyres will wear out at different rates. This means that if all the Tyres on the vehicle are from the same model and manufacturer, then there should be no apparent mismatch cases. Actually, the four Tyres should wear out roughly at the same time. This makes it easier to purchase new sets of Tyres for the vehicle at the same time.

Slapdash Car Sellers

As you may agree with me, mismatched car Tyres are a sign of a seller who doesn’t take good care of his/ her car. By and large, if the Tyres are the cheapest brand from the cheapest manufacturer, the odds are high that the rest of the car is likely not in a much better condition.

Further, a car with mismatched set of Tyres may have more complications and issues as you find that the Tyres cannot be rotated with the same effect. This might bring other anomalies related to tyre inflation and tyre alignment.

Replacing the Worn Out And Mismatched Tyres

tire management+stagger The Problems That Come With Driving On Mismatched Tires

Properly matched car Tyres improve the stability and control of the car.
Image Source:

When replacing the Tyres for your vehicle, you should choose the type of the Tyres you need for your car.  It is advisable to replace them all together on a newly purchased vehicle. Whenever possible, it is always best to use similar Tyres with the same thread pattern, construction, and pattern. This will assist in maintaining your car’s stability and optimum control for your vehicle as well as increasing their lifespan, thus making the most of your investment.


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