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Troubleshooting of Vehicle’s Wipers, Washers and Pumps

07-02-2015 20:00:00

We give little attention to our vehicle’s wipers, washers and pumps until when we actually need to use them, only to realize that they are faulty and thus they do not work properly. Personally, I have had bad experience when I drove through heavy rains with non-functional car wiper blades.

Let’s take a look at some of the common wiper, washers and pumps problems and some of the ways to troubleshoot them.

Water Smearing In Both Directions

windscreensensor Troubleshooting of Vehicle’s Wipers, Washers and Pumps

The wiper should help clear the windscreen for better vision.
Image Source:

One of the commonest predicaments in wipers is smearing of water in both directions. Essentially, if your wipers tend to smear water in both directions, then it’s probable that the blades are worn out, the windshield is dirty or the wiper blade is dirty. It is recommended that you clean the wiper blades, and then replace the wiper fluid. If this doesn’t help, consider replacing the blades. Use clean rags that have been dipped in hot, soapy water to wipe the wiper blades and windshield. Afterwards, wipe the edge of the wiper blades with alcohol. This also helps in reducing streaks on the windshield.

Difficulty in Piping Water Beads Away

Anyone who has experienced this before will concur with me that this is very irritating. Generally, water beads should be easy to wipe away. However, at times the water beads remain firmly stuck and dancing hypnotically on the glass. This definitely obstructs the drivers’ vision. Mostly, this happens in regions with high pollution. It is recommended that you do a thorough cleaning on the windshield to remove any residue that may have built. Consider using a wax remover if a strong glass cleaner doesn’t help. While cleaning, watch out for the paint!

Windshield Washer Fluid Troubleshooting

Imagine crushing down on a road at 80km/h then you immediately come upon a truck full of gravel and dirt spewing lots of dust behind. Definitely, the windshield will be caked by dusts and chances are the visibility will rapidly diminish. As a qualified driver, the initial step will be to automatically reach the windshield wiper handle so as to activate the washer fluid spray. Picture the situation then imagine that nothing happens……..Ahh! It’s is very disappointing. Isn’t?

It’s pretty annoying when you need to use the windshield wiper fluid only to realize that the sprayer is faulty. It is recommended that you replace the windshield wiper fluid.

Washer Fluid Pump

washer pump Troubleshooting of Vehicle’s Wipers, Washers and Pumps

Washer fluid pump.
Image Source:

Even if you have a full tank of spray fluid, if the pump is defective then the windshield can’t get sprayed. If the pump is working then it should make some noises. If it is silent, then probably it’s faulty and it is advisable you replace it.

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