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5 Features Every Car Must Have 2014 Going Forward

03-02-2015 20:00:00

We thought of them as random features that you could find or not find in your car…. But 2014 and going forward, these features have become a necessity in every car. Parking assist, smartphone integration system, lane departure warning systems and others are very helpful features, but should every car from BEFORWARD have them? This is what we shall try to explore here.

 5 Features Every Car Must Have 2014 Going Forward

Navigation system in a car
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Skid control system

How does this work and why is it important? It uses the anti-braking sensors which monitor single wheel speed for every wheel and the steering wheel position to sense what the driver wants to do  in relation to what the car is doing at a given moment. The work of the Skid control system is to ensure a balance and match-up between the needs of the driver and what the car is doing. Thus, the Electronic stability system will then apply brakes to the individual wheels and reduce the power to enable the driver take the car where he wants it to go.

Anti-lock brakes system

This one is the most important features that every car should have now going forward. This is where the braking system watches every wheel individually. Should one wheel lock up, the information is transferred at super speed by the computer to the other wheels. With this kind of system, your car will never lock wheels and flip over on you. Chances of failure? Minimal, in fact, negligent! If it fails, your car brakes will work just as the normal brakes, meaning your car will never be at the control of the computer.

abs brake system 5 Features Every Car Must Have 2014 Going Forward

Illustration showing how the ABS works
Image source:

The Navigation (GPS) System

Is there any car that doesn’t have this one nowadays? This is the new way of finding your way around town, with voice directions at every turn of the road. You can use the inbuilt GPS system to pinpoint your exact location. It is the new safety measure for motorists as it helps you keep off the bad neighborhoods.  You can also safe fuel as you avoid the congested routes and so on. If the car doesn’t have GPS navigation, don’t buy it.

Side airbags

This is fast becoming a norm due to necessity.  Although every car comes with door beams that hold the car sides intact and prevent them from caving in during an impact, inertia could swing your head through the window, killing you. Today, side airbags have enhanced driver and passenger safety by keeping your body and head steady and intact during a crash.

 5 Features Every Car Must Have 2014 Going Forward

Side airbags protect driver and passengers against injuries during side impacts Image source:

Power Outlet

This is one is very important as it helps you keep your mobile phone juiced even when you are on a long safari. This power outlet is just a cigarette lighter, but without the lighter. You can use a micro-USB charger to charge your phone, or even insert a flash disk and play some music as you travel.

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