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10 Best Interior Car Hacks

07-01-2015 20:00:00

Cars are made with different specifications according to the needs of the buyers. However, the interior designs will never present you with all the facilities and/ or space you need for comfortable driving experience. Consequently, these interior car hacks will be invaluable in improving the quality of your driving time.

Electronics’ Storage

interior hacks 02 0512 lgn 10 Best Interior Car Hacks

Storing electronics on the road?
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Electronic components are fast becoming necessities in virtually all of human activities-driving included. The storage of these devices becomes a necessity, where sticky mats come in handy. To keep these gadgets, and the GPS, together on the dashboard, sticky mats are an inexpensive way to achieve order even as the car negotiates sharp bends.

Charge Challenges?

USB Power point 10 Best Interior Car Hacks

More charging ports.
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The aforementioned devices are gross power consumers, meaning that more than one charging port may be necessary for long journeys or when friends join in. To go round this, a plugin unit with two USB ports can be added to the cigarette lighter socket, thus providing extra charging points.

Tired of Suction-cups?

Suction-cup mounts often fall off the windscreen. To mount the electronics in your view as you drive, the RAM-type of ball-and-clamp mounts can be used.

Improved Cup Holders

Tired of the lowly placed door-pocket cup holders of your car? Make use of the gimbaled marine drink holders that can be mounted high on the door panels. Higher positioning is better for safe driving.

Need a Rack to Hold Extra Clothes?

Many a time, you take off your coat as you drive. Hanging the extra clothe on the coat hooks may not be very comfortable especially with accompanying passengers. A mesh bungee is thus useful as it creates a rack on which such extra clothes can be stored.

interior hacks 04 0512 lgn 10 Best Interior Car Hacks

Creating more storage space.
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Convenient Phone Holder

Keeping your phone at a convenient position while driving is crucial in enhancing safety on the journey. A phone mount on a gooseneck serves this purpose very well, with some having plastic conduits to cover the wires.

Improved Door Pouches

If you carry many pens, cameras, pens and such stuff, cordura tool belt pouches can be used to organize all these. The only thing to mind is how to fasten them to the door sleeves.

Cockpit Cargo Carriers

The truck cargo bins are usually too big for the area under the knees in your car. Therefore, cargo carriers meant for small airplanes’ cockpits are safe bets to enable carrying of more gadgets, snacks, etc.

interior hacks 10 0512 lgn 10 Best Interior Car Hacks

More luggage?
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CB and Radar Detectors

CB radios and radar detectors are no longer fashionable, although their services remain essential. Instead, small handheld units that provide clear and quality sound can be mounted out of the sight of law enforcers. The same applies for radar detectors.

Shade in the Car?

interior hacks 09 0512 lgn 10 Best Interior Car Hacks

Covering more space.
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During sunset or sunrise, the visors in your car will leave out a gap where sunlight penetrates. To save the situation, tinted plastic sheets can be placed on different positions on the windscreen or windows.

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