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Great Tips to Win a Parking Battle

01-01-2015 20:00:00

During this Christmas festive season, travelers are making local and international flights, there is one quest, especially in busy shopping malls, airports and train stations; finding that very perfect parking spot. Technology has played a significant role; even novice drivers can easily park their vehicles with the help of mobile apps. The world’s largest parking organization, International Parking Institute (IPI) offers a number on tips on how to win a parking spot.

Tips for parking a car 3 Great Tips to Win a Parking Battle

To get a parking spot, quick thinking is necessary.
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Timely Visiting Of Destination Centers

First, decide on the time when to visit the places. To avoid hassles of looking for that elusive parking spot, it is always advisable to go early enough when the service is opening doors. Majority of the people, in the morning hours, are either in school or at their working premises, and the chances of finding empty parking spots are high.  Additionally, the stores won’t be busy, hence likely to spend less time shopping. For those who are comfortable with this, it is a win-win for them thus perhaps the best tip.

Be Keen and Pay Attention

Another great tip to find an empty parking space is to head directly to the exit doors where people are leaving the mall. Remain keen as they walk towards their vehicles then follow them closely. Once you identify the vehicles they are getting into, signal and position your vehicle ready to drive in and park. This is very helpful in finding that last space in a busy parking centre. Also, it is always best to start on one end of the parking space then move slowly looking for an empty space through to the other side. In peak times, chances are you are likely to park further away during peak times.

Plan ahead

shopping mall parking Great Tips to Win a Parking Battle

Finding information in advance helps make prior plans.
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Plan ahead; check the website to see if your destination center offers you parking tips. Some malls, for instance, have high-tech parking options that conveniently ease the whole hassle. Some parking centers allow mobile payment while others cash.


As you drive up in busy centers, chances are you will encounter many pedestrians. Large vehicles such as Lorries, vans and trucks can also hide the pedestrians. It is thus advisable to reduce your speed as you drive towards the center of the aisle to help keep everyone safe. Driving further away from the parked vehicles allows a larger view of the pedestrians. Whichever tip you settle, use it safely and avoid causing accidents.

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