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The Knight XV: Fit enough to carry a president

08-09-2014 20:00:00

Next to the muscle  cars, military vehicles never cease to amaze and intrigue. They are so powerful and the Knight XV made Conquest Vehicles is no different. It is a luxurious military SUV which has attracted top dollar buyers, celebrities and presidents alike. President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya rides in one, and this attests to the growing popularity of the vehicle, considering that he ditched the traditional Land Rover that his predecessors had used for official ceremonies. In addition to the Knight XV, the president has an armored Land Cruiser. What makes the Knight fit enough to carry a president? Let us see the prominent features that easily steal the admiration of all and sundry.

 The Knight XV: Fit enough to carry a president

The heavily armored luxury Knight XV
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Popularity of the armored Knight XV

Knight XV is not widely known across the world even though it is extremely luxurious. You can imagine the amount of time needed to make just a few pieces, considering that one vehicle takes more than 4000 hours to make. It is little wonder then that the Knight XV is hard to spot on the streets. It is driven by a few lucky people in the world. It is one of its kind in the line of safe vehicles and with terrorist attacks happening almost every other day, everyone knows they can never be too safe.

Comfort features for the Knight XV

To fulfill the needs of the luxury status of the knight XV, the manufacturers installed electronic touch handles. The steering wheel is covered with leather. The interior is also custom built in with a retractable flat screen television, ultra suede seating, a TracVision satellite system as well as an electrostatic window tinting system for the sunroof, windows, and interior partitions.

 The Knight XV: Fit enough to carry a president
Interior view of the Knight XV
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Knight XV’s Security features

The manufacturing company has used the most expensive, high quality armoring materials found in the world. The security package for the knight XV includes a built-in oxygen survival kit, a blast detection system, a magnetic attachment detection system, a black box system, and multiple armoring levels. With this security package, users are assured of maximum security at all times.

Knight XV’s Performance

To live to their mission of producing extremely luxurious personal carrier SUV, the company designed the knight XV to provide the highest performance for such a heavy vehicle. Earlier versions were designed featuring a Ford 6.8 liter V10 engine. However, with the latest models, many performance upgrades have been made that increase the uniqueness of the vehicle. For instance, the newer models are available with variable engine types. You can choose from gasoline/petrol version that features 6.0 liter V8 engine with a 325 horsepower capacity and has 400 lb/ft of torque, or the diesel 6.7 liter Cummins ISB engine version with the capacity to produce 300 horsepower and 660 lb/ft of torque. Other performance upgrades you can find in the new models of the knight XV include commercial grade multilink air ride suspension system, a turbo charger system and a custom braking system. In the latest models, the custom built braking systems features 15” vented 2-piece front rooters, a carbon fiber instrument dashboard and a 24-inch body extension upgrade among others.

 The Knight XV: Fit enough to carry a president

The dashboard area of the knight XV
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