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What You Must Know When Buying a Car

06-07-2014 20:00:00

Every car buyer looks for the best deal. Apparently, great deals are only for buyers who are willing to do their homework when shopping for cars. Well, to succeed in this, you should seek useful information and stay informed so long as you are on a car shopping spree. Unfortunately, most car consumers are not acquainted with the right information when they are shopping for cars. This is the reason many of them develop the feeling that they have been ripped off long after the contract is sealed. Well, you would want to get the right information about your preferred car, the market and so on. In the section that follows, you will learn useful information on what you must know when buying a car.

Sedan What You Must Know When Buying a Car

A Volkswagen Jetta compact sedan
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What you should know when buying a compact sedan

Usually, sedans are designed to feature a trunk and four wheels. In regards to size, compact sedans are the smallest group you can ever find in the market. In regards to price, the cost of sedans ranges between $ 10,000 and $40,000. Of course, those costing more than $40,000 are usually luxurious. However, if you are concerned with economy, you would want to buy the cheaper compacts.

Sedans of today have different engine sizes. However, to benefit from fuel economy, you would want to search for sedans fitted with the right engine. Technology is a great feature if you are concerned with car safety. You should look for features like anti-lock brakes, knee airbags, side curtain airbags and other features.

What you should know when buying mid-sized sedans

As the name itself suggests, mid-size sedans are a group of sedans of middle size in the market. Usually, their features are superior to those of compact sedans but less superior to those of large sedans. Depending on the design, the mid-sized sedans are fitted with more than one engine. These engines are designed to achieve different levels of fuel economy.

In regards to safety, the midsize sedans are fitted with varied technologies depending on whether these sedans are luxurious or not. These include navigation systems, climate control dashboard and heated seats among others.

What you should know when buying SUVs

Depending on your preferred car size, you can choose from large size SUVs or Mid-size SUVs or compact SUVs. In other words, these are the 3 groups of Sports Utility Vehicles. Of course, the features differ across these groups. In matters price, compact SUVs are usually cheaper followed by mid-size SUVs and then finally large size SUVs are the most expensive of the 3.

800px 2008 2009 Land Rover Range Rover Sport wagon %282011 06 15%29 01 What You Must Know When Buying a Car

This is one of the best SUVs in the world – The Range Rover
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As for fuel economy, compact SUVs are fitted with 4-6 cylinder engines while the standard-sized SUVs have a standard 6 cylinder engines. In the case of large size SUVs, they may feature up to V8 engines.

Cross-over SUVs

Cross over SUVs are designed with all features of a car. Equally, Cross-over SUVs fall under the 3 size categories already described above. Pricing equally varies depending on size and features of the car.

Station Wagons

Though the traditional station wagons have lost preference among many car consumers, the concept is not. Interestingly, station wagons share features with sedans. Even their performance is almost the same. However, some station wagons have all wheel drive feature that makes them more appealing to consumers than SUVs.

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