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Car Logos and Their Meanings –The Power of the Brand

02-07-2014 20:00:00

No one may remember them, but once they see one, they recognize it. Companies pay a lot of money to design logos that communicate to buyers, logos that tell a story. For example, Toyota logo has three ellipses intertwined. One is the heart of the customer, the other the heart of the technology used and the last one is the heart of the product.

716px Toyota Logo silver.svg  Car Logos and Their Meanings –The Power of the Brand

The world famous Toyota Logo
Image source:

Mercedes Benz

The logo of the Mercedes Benz is a three-pointed star. The genius behind this logo was Gottlieb Daimler who first saw the symbol while he was sending his wife a postcard with the star. From then on, he desired to see it as the face of his factories. To him, the meaning was much deeper and it symbolized the triumph over “sea, land and air”.


Ferruccio Lamborghini was a Taurus and he loved the bull. May be it was only natural that he would epitomize his love for bullfights and for his Zodiac sign in his car logo. Today, the symbol of this car is a regal bull. On the road, this car is as vicious as the bulls he had seen in Seville.


The Volvo logo is a combination of name and symbols. For example, the circle means Mars, iron for which Sweden is well known while the arrow symbolizes mars. The term “Volvo is Latin for “I go”. Thus, this symbol is therefore strongly associated with strength hence the “image of strength”.


Ferrari has a prancing horse on a yellow background. The symbol was first painted on an Italian fighter plane. The plane turned out to be heroic and the mother of the pilot asked him to put the painting on all cars named after him asserting that it would bring “good luck”. 100 years done the line, it still is the symbol of the Ferrari car. The pilots name was Enzo Ferrari.

1000px Ferrari Logo.svg Car Logos and Their Meanings –The Power of the Brand

This is the logo of the famous Ferrari
Image source:


The word Subaru comes from a Japanese word that means together as in a cluster of stars in the Taurus constellation called Pleiades by the ancient Greeks. It also means to unite. Subaru is a collection of five companies that came together forming the heavy industry known as Fuji and their automobiles being manufactured by Subaru. Mr Kenji Kita, head of Fuji believed that Japanese cars should have Japanese names. That is where the name Subaru comes from. Actually, the whole name is supposed to be Mitsuraboshi.

Subaru logo Car Logos and Their Meanings –The Power of the Brand

This is one of the most beautiful logos- Subaru
Image source:


The logo of these cars is represented by a bowtie. William Durant, the brain behind this logo was overseas when genius struck. He found the design on his French hotel room and thought that it symbolized infinity. He then carried this symbol home with him to show his friends because he thought it would be an eye-catching brand. The emblem that is a representation of one of the three American cars was first used in the year 1914 and is still in use to date.


BMW is famous for its logo that has given the company a very competitive edge. At first, it was thought that the logo was a representation of a rotating propeller. Actually, this logo was designed by Rapp Motors that made aircrafts used in the World War 2. The symbol is actually a propeller that is bi-colored in white and blue.

Mazda Logo

Look at the outstretched V in the logo. It is actually the image of outstretched wings. According to Rei Yoshimara the designer of the logo, the wings stand for the mission, gentleness and creativity of the Mazda company.


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