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5 Top Car Businesses That You Can Start In Africa

25-06-2014 20:00:00

The automotive industry is full of opportunities more so for Africa which is still a growing market as afar as cars are concerned. With that said, you than think out of the box and monetize the vehicle you own or use your skills to make money in this industry. Below are some of the best car businesses you can get involved in and get that extra money.

Car wash image source  5 Top Car Businesses That You Can Start In Africa

An artist’s illustration of a car wash service
image source

1. Car Wash

The car wash business is a booming investment for a number of reasons. In Africa, there are more dirt roads than there are tarmac roads. This means that more often than not all vehicles need a thorough cleaning session. The other reason is that most of the car washing machines are cheap especially considering the fact that some use fuel instead of electricity which is  not available everywhere. You can either start a small car wash business or a large modern one which of course will require a large investment, but either way, you will be making a substantial amount of money especially with a good location.

2. Food Truck

The food truck concept is not widely used in Africa and this is your chance to get into a business that is not highly competitive and laugh all the way to the bank. Starting this kind of business will however require you to modify the truck or the van to accommodate everything you need to store or make food. Keep in mind that the vehicle you are using needs to attract people through colors and the modifications. You can then drive around or go to events and have a good sale or ice cream or fast foods.

3. Car Rental Services

Most of the urban town dwellers in Africa have embraced the use of vehicles as the preferred mode of transport. This is about private vehicles as apposed to public means. Since most of the people especially the younger generation is not in a position to purchase vehicles they prefer hiring one when they need it. If you have a car or two you can advertise them and make your own car rental services. Business can really pick up well and bring you to a position where you can buy other cars and make a large company with a huge income.

4. Auto Garage

This is an obvious business in this list. Most people will avoid this type of business because they do not possess the skills that can allow them to pop up the hood and know exactly what is ailing different vehicles. On the contrary, starting an auto garage simply needs money location and an experienced mechanic and you will be ready to go and start raking in profits.

Food truck image source  5 Top Car Businesses That You Can Start In Africa

This is how a food truck looks like
image source:

5. Car Sales

As aforementioned, Africa is a growing market and things are not any different for the automotive world. You can simply start an empire by selling cars starting with only one. You need not limit your sales to the vehicles only; you can couple that with accessories and parts to cater for the needs of those that buy vehicle s or those that already own them


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